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    NASCAR. Indy. Exhilarating.​

    While yesterday's race at Daytona is now in the history books, it's clear that even in the notoriously unpredictable world of NASCAR, 'windfire1010' still manages to come out on top as he takes took the win last week at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

    After being the authority in the GT300 series for the past 12 weeks, 'windfire1010' returns to the track and returns to his winning ways. He and the other drivers may have just been turning left this time, but it's not as easy as that.
    Drafting, pit stops, strategy and the sheer terror of tearing around a banked oval track at 200mph plus with a wall and other cars for company means a tremendous amount of skill is necessary to come out on top in a NASCAR race.

    Everyone is very closely matched in a race like this and after starting in third place, 'windfire1010' used the 75 laps to pass pole-sitter 'SSRacing69' and second place man 'badaboya1' to take the all-important victory. And those two aren't pushovers; both are extremely talented drivers with many wins and titles under their belts.
    Qualifying was as tight as ever with five tenths of a second covering the top five - 'SSRacing69' on pole with a 44.3 and 'Peyepete' in fifth place with a 44.8.

    Indy is arguably the most famous circuit on the NASCAR calender; some say on equal terms with Daytona, others say it's more famous, others say less. Whatever the case, it's a tough track, it's tight and it's a grand stage. Indy has the distinction of holding the most fans out of any stadium, let alone race circuit, of anywhere in the world. It has a permanent seating capacity of 257,325 with it's highest ever attendance hitting a mighty 400,000; that's more than the populations of the Bahamas with room to spare. In fact, you could fit the entire population of Samoa into the stadium with room to spare. That's a lot of people.
    The next closest stadium is the Strahov Stadium in the Czech Republic, which holds a capacity of 250,000; and the next closest race circuit? The great Nurburgring Norscheleife with room for 220,000 people.

    So it's clear that with 257 thousand people watching the drivers, the pressure is on. Driving at Indy is not only a test of physical skill, it's a test of mental skill. Can the driver hold his line, eliminate outside distractions and keep to his strategy; all while trying to keep his car out of the wall at over 200mph. 'windfire1010' showed he could do all this better than all the other drivers on the day, which is why he crossed the finish line before anybody else.

    So the standings then. Well, you-know-who 'windfire1010' leads the drivers with a 9-point advantage over the Canadian native 'badaboya1'. Series creator 'Oldtimer01' sits in third place with 18 points less than the leader but just 2 points ahead of 'SSRacing69'. In fifth place lies 'DUNTOV3030' with 150 points, some 39 points adrift of 'windfire1010''s 189 points at the top of the table.

    We mentioned it before and it all happened last night - Daytona International Speedway played host to an enticing race. We'll have the full story for you as soon as we can.

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