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Discussion in 'Tuning General' started by Oldtimer01, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Oldtimer01

    Oldtimer01 TPRA Staff

    The purpose of this section is to make it eaiser to find the tunes you are looking for. In here you will find tunes from various members of the forum. All the tunes posted in this section will be viewable to registered members only.There are a few boards set for specific tuners as well as a community section. The Community section is for questions on tuning as well as a place that members of the forum can post the tunes they come up with. The Garage is now open for business.
  2. mobilmasher

    mobilmasher Licensed Racer

    Would it be possible have a spreadsheet available for us to post tunes, so that all we have to do is fill in the spaces. I think it will make reading the posts easier when a tune is posted. Thanks.
  3. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

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  4. mobilmasher

    mobilmasher Licensed Racer

    Thank you Calvin.

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