TPRA Signs Off With Final GT5 Enduro

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    Trial Mountain - the location for the final forage.​

    The TPRA is enduring it's final Gran Turismo 5 Enduro event. With the imminent release of Gran Turismo 6, what better way to close the chapter on GT5 than with one last hurrah in one last Enduro?

    As one door closes, another one opens. And it's only fitting that the TPRA waves goodbye to the game that has held it high above the rest with the one type of race that brings everyone together before moving onto new pastures with GT6.

    On Saturday, November 23rd at 3pm Eastern Time, the last ever TPRA Enduro run using GT5 will commence. Baker Built Racing are the reigning champion team having one the last Enduro almost one year ago at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in fantastic fashion. One can remember the edge-of-the-seat action as windfire1010 overtook Monster-Energy71 on the very last lap of the 6-hour marathon.

    And it'll be a 6-hour test once again but this time at the classic Gran Turismo track - Trial Mountain. It's only right that a track that has been a staple of the Gran Turismo series since the first game way back in 1997 plays host to this Enduro.

    While the track remains important, so does the car. What car do you choose in this landmark-type of event? Well, you do what the TPRA does best and leave it up to the community to decide of course! The Mazda RX-7 Touring Car was voted on as the car that will take one team to victory at the Mountain.

    The RX-7 TC was hugely popular when it was run in it's own series back in April 2012. The first race attracted 15 participants, and two divisions had to be made up to accommodate all the entrants! The series never dropped below 10 participants; a number the TPRA has struggled to reach in recent race series and events.

    However, an Enduro always brings out the best in our group and we expect a large turnout for a special event that we'll reminisce about for years to come. When we're playing GT6 with it's myriad of online options, more cars, more tracks and better gameplay than ever before, we'll look back and remember the times we had on GT5 and how we said goodbye in such a spectacular fashion.

    Set sail for GT6, lads! We're leaving GT5 at Port! Ahoy!!

    Check out the official Last GT5 Enduro thread in our Forum to learn how you can register your team, how the event is run and much more!

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