Touring Car Series.Mazda TC-Trial Mountain some action

Discussion in 'Media Center' started by oFANTOMASo, Feb 9, 2012.


    oFANTOMASo Licensed Racer

    Please enjoy and rate


  2. larrys4227

    larrys4227 Licensed Racer

    Once again, a great video! Nice to see footage of some of our new drivers ... they'll be pleased. :sHa_thumb2:
  3. Blackyk

    Blackyk Licensed Racer

    Great vid man! Grats on the win!
  4. NBA336

    NBA336 Licensed Racer

    I just love watching your videos Fantomas. First thing I do when I get up is check!!! LOL. Really good work. I would love to see a picture of your setup. :)
  5. larrys4227

    larrys4227 Licensed Racer

    Heres a short video of his setup .... I'm assuming its current. (Hope this was OK oFantomaso)


    oFANTOMASo Licensed Racer

    Thank you guys and glad you liked the video. You guys can use my videos in any way. They are public. This is my current setup, I made this display cause I drive cockpit view and see an extra wheel and extra pair of hands in front of me , bothers me.

    I placed a piece of cardboard in front of my wheel to fix my problem but the gauges got covered too that's why I create the Fantodisplay.

    Thanks for watching.

  7. Peyepete

    Peyepete Licensed Racer

    Nice video work oFANTOMASo, it was a good race where you could get a lot of different drivers in the video, keep them coming.:sHa_thumb2::sHa_thumb2:

    oFANTOMASo Licensed Racer

    Thank you. Glad you like it.
  9. Blackyk

    Blackyk Licensed Racer

    Is that your gear indicator? How did you get that thing to work? That's pretty sweet, it ties your whole setup together, since most of the RM in-car models have the current gear right in the middle of the dash.

    Edit: Wait NM that's a video monitor for your camera. That answers my question, but further increases the awesomeness of that setup!
  10. nuTTTz

    nuTTTz Administrator Staff Member

    Talk about getting "into" an online race, @2:05 Fantomas gives the crew chief a thumbs up as he starts to pull out of the pit box.
    I guess thats how you keep them in pit lane.:sHa_hehe:
  11. oFANTOMASo

    oFANTOMASo Licensed Racer

    :sHa_biggrin:ha ha ha. Thanks for watching.

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