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    content en-route
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    Using DMZ


    Firstly you may be wondering what a DMZ is, this stands for a demilitarised zone. it really means that rather than opening just one port on your routers firewall you are actually opening every single one. Port opening is another simple process, however it takes a bit of time to find exactly what ports need opening, and sometimes, the ports listed may not solve the problem you have

    Putting your PS3 into a DMZ is not a bad thing, and is much easier than opening port for the reason listed above.

    Now you may need to do this for some of the following reasons:

    * Not being able to join rooms
    * Not being able to speak over headset
    * Not being able to hear over headset
    * Not being able to join games which are hosted by certain people
    * Any problems to do with connectivity to the PSN or game specific servers, especially if your computer will connect to the internet, but PS3 won't.
    * Problems with media servers

    Now on with the guide.

    The Guide!

    To put your PS3 into a DMZ (To be done on the PS3 Console)

    Firstly, you will need to assign your PS3 a static internal Ip address. This means that everytime your PS3 connects or "talks" to your router, the router will assign it a different internal IP address. These IP addresses typically run in series. So for example, if your PS3 is the second device communicating with your router, then it will be assigned an ip address of However, if you choose to use your PS3 without the computer being on, the assigned IP address your PS3 has will be As this is different, and obviously will change, it would be stupid setting a DMZ up on one of the above Ip addresses, unless your PS3 was the only device that would ALWAYS connect using that specific IP.

    To make sure that your PS3 is always assigned the same internal IP address by your router, you will need to go to the "Settings > Network Settings > Internet Connection Settings" option on the PS3 Cross bar menus.

    You will be presented with an option which primarily asks whether you are using a Wired or Wireless connection. Obviously, you will choose the option which refers to you. If choosing the Wireless option you will need to input the security details in use on your router *If you are not currently using wireless security, i strongly reccommend you do so ASAP*

    Both selections should show a page called "Address Settings". Here you will need to select "Custom". Another page will then display entitled "IP Address Setting". The option "Manual" will need to be selected.

    This will display a page where customisable IP Addresses are available to be selected.

    IP Address - This will need to have the Static IP address in it. Personally, i use I use this because it is extremely unlikely my Router will ever automatically assign this IP Address to a device, as i will never have 99 other devices connected to the same system.

    Subnet Mask - Is always set to

    Default Router - Is the internal IP Address of your router.
    To get the exact ip of your router you should go to
    cmd [Hit Enter]
    Type in ipconfig and hit enter, this should come up with all the ip addresses to do with your computer and the network. The address you will need to enter in this option is listed as "Default Gateway".

    Primary DNS - Same IP Address as "Default Router"

    Secondary DNS - Same IP Address as "Default Router"

    After entering all of these IP Addresses, you will now click "Enter" or hit the "right" button on the D-Pad. This will take you to a screen which says "MTU" at the top. My setup has this as Automatic, solely because i haven't a clue what MTU actually means or does.This won't affect your ability to set up a DMZ.

    The next steps are very simple. You do not want to use a proxy server unless you connect to the internet using one, however i can be of no help there, and you should enable UPnP if your router supports it.

    To put your PS3 into a DMZ (To be done on the PC)

    Now head over to your PC, and load up your internet browser. In the Address Bar, type the IP Address of your router (the one you found using the Command Prompt earlier)

    This will take you to your Router Configuration Page.

    Every router interface differs from an other, and depending on what router firmware update you last installed, router interfaces can differ, even on the same model routers. This means that you will need to search the router config page yourself. You are looking for any mention of "DMZ" or "DMZ Host"

    When you have found this, it will ask you generally to input the IP Address of your DMZ Host, which is just the static IP address you assigned to your PS3 earlier, my example was, so we'll stick with that. Then click "apply" or similar.

    You should then turn off everything running on your home network. PS3, PC, Router etc. This is solely to make sure that the changes are applied as soon as possible.

    If you have any questions, please list them in this thread, and we will endeavour to answer them as quickly as possible.
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    Re: Using DMZ

    Thank You!

    I will give this a try sometime so maybe I don't have too plug and unplug my ps3 everytime I want to race.
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    Re: Using DMZ

    I just attempted to do this for my system and wanted to point out that the IP Address you list as an example static IP that should be used did not work. Once I switched it from to, it worked fine. It's something to do with it needing to be the same as the router in the first 3 parts, whereas the last part is the only one that is unique.
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    Re: Using DMZ

    I did this as well and it seems to have made a difference.Although with the Belkin router I have, I had to enter Entering a 1.100 is not possible. you can only change the last 3 digits. The instructions made this very easy and straight forward. Thx
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    Re: Using DMZ

    I figure this is the most current place to put this ....

    Step one of figuring out a stable connection for myself ..... replaced my 8+ year old cable modem today with a new one.

    My disconnects have been getting worse, and lap 59 of the enduro was enough to rip my hair out.

    Of course, the cable company didnt see anything wrong yesterday when I talked to them, but I can talk the tech-talk and they agreed the first step is replacing the modem.

    I'm hard-wired, static-IP'd, and DMZ'd .... and although all the correct modem lights were on AND flashing, none of my traffic can seem to get passed it when I have one of my 1-minute outages. I can get to all the devices on my side ... so its not my routers.

    Speeds seem the same with the new one ... 1M up/8M down. Its only 15 more dollars to increase my service to 2M up/20M down, and 25.00 to go to 5M up/40M down, but that one requires a visit for new lines and a different modem.

    Time will tell, but if it continues, its gonna be a bugger to track down. 1 minute outages doesnt give me enough time to call tech support, get someone on the line AND have a look. But its certainly enough time to get booted from a race ... LOL!
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    Re: Using DMZ

    When we had problems with the cable at a previous house, we had a tech come out. He found distortion at the very end of the line. Basically, an unused splitter was causing problems back up the chain. That, combined with old cables running most of the house, was rather problematic. We removed the splitter and replaced the bad lines, and we were good to go. After that, it was the best internet connection we'd ever had.

    Of course, not 2 years later, we had to move out...
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    Re: Using DMZ

    If it's any consolation you can rule our the modem. Isn't there any software you could install to monitor the network?
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    Re: Using DMZ

    I have a lingering suspicion that this is my problem (Most likely Larry's too). I Set my PS3 in to a DMZ nearly a year ago and the problems improved only marginally. I disconnected a old cable splitter that I had found and found a little more improvement, enough so I can use my headset in a room of four or five people, Any more tho.....results look something like this (link) from what I have been told. So I have a lingering suspicion there are some bad lines and possibly a few more splitters loafin around this house.
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    Re: Using DMZ

    After replacing a splitter, there was no change. So, I put it all back and called BrightHouse .... after extensive testing with a tech, it seems the equipment on my end is at fault. Soooooooooo ....... instead of buying a new router and wireless for a couple of bills, I'll spend an extra 12.00 per month and upgrade to RoadRunner Lightning (5M up/40M down) and they'll give me a 4-port/wireless router-modem and a new line in the house. Tech is due to be here at 6PM tonight and will setup and test the whole thing.

    I'll be happy to start hosting races, which I've wanted to do for a very long time. I look forward to getting past this ..... :)
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    Re: Using DMZ

    Looking forward to the update Larry:)
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    Re: Using DMZ

    nuTTTz, just to let you know that a new modem, plus DMZ'ing the main more disco's for a week.:sHa_clap:

    Thanks for your all your help, in the thread and on the phone.:sHa_thumb2:
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    Re: Using DMZ

    Getting the PS3 behind the DMZ is probably the most beneficial tweak available to us for ensuring a stable fast connection.

    Glad I could help, and you have the # now dont hesitate to use it.:)

    Thanks for the update.:sHa_thumb2:
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    Re: Using DMZ

    Well, the upgrade is done ... 5M up/40M down, and they installed a combo 4-port/wireless/router/modem. They also replaced 3 splitters and put new ends on all the internet cables. The PS3 is still wired direct, but no StaticIP or DMZ. I had a quick look at the router interface .... very basic. DHCP assignments start at so I'm not even sure there is a spot for statics. When I get more than 5 minutes, I'll have a serious look around the interface. I'm sure I missed the advanced tab.

    Had a practice room open last night, but I only had a max of 6 drivers. It was set to 12, and default recommended race quality was HIGH. I plan to host the division I'm in tonight to give it a whirl .... unless of course that gets veto'd. LOL
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    Re: Using DMZ

    So I used it and put my PS3 in the DMZ.

    Down 11.4 MB
    Up 817.3 kb

    Down 12 MB
    Up 818.8 kb

    Now the trouble is I started playing with the router and killed my wireless.
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    Re: Using DMZ


    If you need help just let me know.
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    Re: Using DMZ

    Thank You. I got it. Just had to learn what to do. This posted by wireless. :)

    Thought I will have to LAN in my router from now on to play with it.
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    G27 Button Mapping

    Those with G27 racing wheels, here is a map of how to program your buttons and allow you use of the in race quick tune features.
    Ok while looking at this pic a couple of common sense changes came to mind,, use the left view/right view on the direction pad for RA Adjust + and -,, this will now free up the right hand side red button and the down on the direction pad, hmm a place to put the horn:)
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    Re: G27 Button Mapping

    Read through this thread, I don't know if any of it helps but it might be worth something.

    Why am I up at 4am?......short, partially bald, loud mouth people don't respect your sleepy time.:sHa_hehe:
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