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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by clacksman, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. clacksman

    clacksman Licensed Racer

    General used car thread, anything to do with used cars is fine.

    Anecdotes from me:
    -Have seen '05 Mustang in Windveil Blue three times, but not in any other colour ever nor at all since I said I'd gift one to somebody.
    -Camaro Z28s and SSs in Mystic Teal, no other colour seen.
    -Same with Skyline Pace Car, saw it multiple times early but not since mentioning it.
    -I don't see early AWD rally-use street cars; earliest Evo seen was an Evo V and earliest WRX was a '98.
    -440 R/T Charger in Pink Panther three times so far, no other colour.

    It seems they are encouraging friending up for car trading by way of stacking the used car list. To that end; here's some cars I want, let's see if we can deal if you have extras:
    -*Early Evo or WRX (under 245 hp for the first rally challenge)*never mind
    -Vitz/Yaris Turbo
    I prefer no mods at all for my old standards but if it's just been refreshed that's fine.

    I would also loan cars for the weirder a- or b-spec series if you don't want to build your own; the Bluebird I built for Japanese Classic has way too much money in it to just sit.

    Gifting cars sends it in whatever condition it was in; mods/setup/damage/etc intact. You can send 1 gift car per day, the game just won't let you send a second.


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  2. Buckinfro

    Buckinfro Licensed Racer

    Wanted: Buick Grand National....... I've been checking the used cars and no sign of it.

    Got it! Thank you!:sHa_thumb2:

    It's not a screamer by any means but has always been a balanced and forgiving car, great for cruising around in and practicing your line.
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  3. madaz75

    madaz75 Licensed Racer

    Doesn't exist..
    Seen a few Mitsu Lancer Evo 3's, but they're over 245hp.
    When it pops up (And it will.. eventually) Grab the Ford RS200.
    (it's 245 HP on the money) and will kick some serious tail in the Rally challenge)

    I'm sure we're all aware, but just in-case.
    "Honest Johns Used Cars" gets 6 new cars in every 'day',
    So check back after every race or 2 and see whats on the lot.
    No more than 5 days/races, or you'll miss something.

    Personally, I'm trying to do as much as possible WITHOUT resorting to buying a NEW car.
    Using Prize cars is ok, just Not Gonna Buy New. (And I haven't seen a 2nd hand Ferrari yet, nor Galardo)
  4. clacksman

    clacksman Licensed Racer

    Almost doesn't exist. Premium cars won't be in used, they're New only. Only Standard Ferraris are Enzo and F2007 (they're both also available as Premium).
  5. mmacek96

    mmacek96 Licensed Racer

    Car Code sent by Friend via email. Not a Used Car but Once You use it once it is!
    Promo Code for Nissan GTR GT 500 NHAO-94BG-3AMC
    See if It works for You!
  6. DigitalWolf333

    DigitalWolf333 Licensed Racer

    I'll take any model standard mustang! I'm willing to make a trade.

    My psn: digitalwolf333
  7. stangracer17

    stangracer17 Licensed Racer

    The way Poly did the used car garage is absolutely moronic! Early in the game when you have no credits and you see something you dreamt of and miss that chance you might never see it again. You should be able to go back and to any used lot and buy what you want when you have the cash, not just see what a random computer generator says you can buy. I call Shenanigans!
    Not only that but why can't you sell your cars for folks online? Modified or not. And name your price?
    BTW, I really need that 2000 Mustang Cobra R. I love that car.
  8. Gar529

    Gar529 Licensed Racer

    I'm trying to find a pre-1979 race car like the Toyota 7 or Chaparral 2j, and the Formula Gran Turismo. My biggest fear is that they are going to show up, and I won't be able to afford them.
  9. Forgetful

    Forgetful Licensed Racer

    clackman, I sent you that Lupo Cup Car.

    I've seen the Buick a few times, and I have bought a Lancer Evo I, so they are out there.
  10. Forgetful

    Forgetful Licensed Racer

    So.... What's a guy got to offer of a Buick Grand National? Got any TVR Reflex Purple Paint Chips?
  11. clacksman

    clacksman Licensed Racer

    Got it, used it, sent it back with 20ish more km, 1 more win, and fresh oil. :)

    edit: I saw a GN right after I got the 'penniless' trophy. Fat lot of good that timing did for me.
  12. Buckinfro

    Buckinfro Licensed Racer

    Nice color! :sHa_thumb2:Hard to get............ I bought the Cuda just to get the Purple paint chip for my Challenger I'll see what I have in my used car lot when I get home.

    PSN ID Capital I not a lowercase L right?
  13. Gar529

    Gar529 Licensed Racer

    I ended up finding and purchasing the Toyota 7 (and in the process got the Penniless trophy), now I just need the Formula GT. If someone sees it, can they please post the price?
  14. Forgetful

    Forgetful Licensed Racer

    So... this gifting one car per day thing is overall, not just per friend. Since I sent clacks my Lupo early this morning, I can't send you the GNX until midnight tonight, Pacific.
  15. clacksman

    clacksman Licensed Racer

    I acquired and subsequently used my under-245-hp AWD car for beginner rally, thanks to anyone who paid attention. Still interested in an unmodded early Evo (especially in Dandelion Yellow) if you run across one. :)
  16. rmk700

    rmk700 Licensed Racer

    Picked up a used

    VW Beetle 1100 standard (Type-11) '49 Schwartz (black) color
    Spoon S2000 racer car '00 blue and yellow

    Beetle gave two trophies Many miles and very old.
  17. DigitalWolf333

    DigitalWolf333 Licensed Racer

    i do :3

    but i won't give it up for free...

    mustangs, i want mustangs...

    Or an old VW bettle.

    i have a friend that wants that beetle. what do you want for it :3
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  18. bamboo4wt

    bamboo4wt Licensed Racer

    I have one if you have'nt located one yet, its stock. I need a 69 or earlier Euro model. You barrow mine I will barrow yours. DEAL?
  19. DigitalWolf333

    DigitalWolf333 Licensed Racer

    That makes the car obtaining more meaningful...these cars are classics, and finding a great car at that right time is a moving moment...atleast for me anyway.
  20. jamrogie

    jamrogie Licensed Racer

    I came across and bought the '54 Vette Convertible and also got both trophies. Wonder if these cars can be gifted back and forth to help other people get the trophies? How rare is it really to come across a car in the used lots that meet these criteria? I've only been able to get two nights of GT5 in, so perusing the used car lots hasn't been much of a priority for me yet (another reason I "splurged" on the Vette when I saw it, I don't have a feel for how often cars cycle through).


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