The Next Open Track Nights? Multiple choice!!!

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    Alright Gents with a few events on the horizon its hard to decide what goes first and what follows so here is the plan. The poll will consist of some events, the one with most votes will be first, and then so on and so forth. so get them votes in for your events of choice and we hope to see you out there.

    First one will be posted to start next week either Monday, Tuesday or Thursday so stay tuned.

    Brief Desciption for each PE (Potential Event):

    Big Body Battles
    515PP | Sports Soft
    Sample Cars : Charger SRT8, M5, RS6, XFR

    Karting Round the World
    Kart of Choice (TBA)
    Jr., Redbull, 100cc, 125cc

    Rally Cars on Tarmac
    500PP | Racing Hard/Medium
    Sample Cars : Any Rally Car within PP

    Track Day Trucking Pt.2
    505PP | Sports Soft |
    Sample Cars : Ram 1500, F-150 Lightning, SST or SSR (TBA)

    USA's Best (Title pending)
    PP TBA | Sports Soft |
    Sample Cars : SRT Viper, Vette C7, Ford GT

    Any Details Seen above are all subject to change and may do so on or before the posting of said event.
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