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    Forza Abarth!​

    Led Zeppelin, Cream, Pink Floyd. Many great bands have reunited after a hiatus, and the TPRA has followed suit in thrilling fashion. The TPRA has returned, and it couldn’t have picked a more daunting place to stage it – The Green Hell.

    Otherwise known as the Nurburgring Nordschleife (or more simply the Nordschleife), the 22km (14mi) course has become infamous among drivers and fans alike. It’s dangerous, uneven, and tight; and has claimed the lives of many-a-racer since its legacy began in 1925. The TPRA circus turned up in droves for its big reunion.

    To the victor the spoils. Or in this case, victors. nuTTTz and windfire1010 took historic victories in Race A and Race B respectively.

    ‘Mixed nuTTTz Thursdays’ was the comeback event hosted by TPRA administrator nuTTTz. The series will continue to run in the coming weeks but this first event was pivotal in the resurgence and re-emergence of the TPRA. The series runs small cars on large tracks. This week featured the Abarth 500. A short wheel-base powerhouse that was a challenge around the twisty North Loop.

    Host of the event, nuTTTz won Race A even contending with some visibility issues due to a clouded-up visor. He kept his cool on a track that invites one to boil over. ekrainey took second after being away from the track since the summer and fan-favourite mobilmasher stepped up onto the podium to take third.
    MoparSRT was set to take third until the end of the last lap when mobilmasher used the power of air resistance and slipstreamed past for the final podium position.

    Race B was won by resident TPRA alien windfire1010. Race A participants were excluded from Race B so only three drivers took part. Which means a guaranteed podium! SSRacing69 took second with BANG_N_OLUFSEN coming home in third.

    We caught up with BANG_N_OLUFSEN in the pits, “That was a blast! nuTTTz, thank you so much for mobilising the TPRA again. I truly had great fun racing. SS[Racing69], you were just too fast for me to catch you in the end! windfire[1010], you were simply from another planet!”

    Indeed, windfire1010 reinforced his alien racer status with a convincing victory that should carry some momentum into the next race.

    Speaking of the next race, the series travels to Circuit de la Sarthe in France. Don those striped shirts, get the onions around your neck and pig-out on some croissants. Oh, and get on the track and have a battle for the ages!

    The TPRA is back. Dust off that wheel and pedals and get online and race!


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