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Discussion in 'Polling Station' started by calvins48, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    IT'S COMING BAAAACK! The DLC Touring Car series will soon be returning and of course, it's time to vote again! Thanks to you guys, Seasons 1, 2 and 3 were all very well-received with 'ekrainey' impressively taking the title in Season 3!!

    As always, this series is built around you. You get to decide what car you'd like to run for the duration of Season 4. There are 6 cars to choose from, all of them being DLC (Downloadable Content) Touring Cars. You get to vote for 1 car only.

    The cars excluded from the list are the Toyota Prius and the Honda CR-Z because we feel that they'd be better suited for "fun runs", such as the Sunday Sessions.
    Also missing from the list is the Mazda Roadster, the Mazda RX-7 and the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X because we've already run those cars.

    So whip out your wand and get casting your vote!

    Even if you don't plan to run in the series, please feel free to vote. In fact, it's encouraged! We want to hear everybody's voice!

    This poll closes on Wednesday, October 10th.

    That's ONLY 1 WEEK AWAY so make sure you get your vote in before then!

    Thanks!! :)
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  2. windfire1010

    windfire1010 TPRA Staff

    The R33 and the R34 touring cars are so close on proformace and handeling you could almost call them the same car. I think you could run them together eaisly. At least when they are set to the same power.
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  3. MoparSRT

    MoparSRT TPRA Staff

    VOTE!! :)
  4. windfire1010

    windfire1010 TPRA Staff

    Just did.
  5. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    If the votes are close on that then I'd run it for sure. Either that or if they're the only two cars left. :)
  6. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!!!!!!!!! :)
  7. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff


    THANKS! :)
  8. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    The car that will be run in Season 4 of the TC Series is the...

    Dodge Challenger SRT8 Touring Car ('08)!

    A Test and Tune will be posted very soon!! :)
  9. DarkLegions

    DarkLegions Licensed Racer

    what tires will be run?
  10. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    Any Racing compound. :)

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