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    Petrolheads are petrolheads wherever you go, even if the cylinders in the ride of choice of some petrolheads number in the 20s. So with that in mind, above I present a number of composited screenshots from my flight sim days. All images are a composition of photoshop painting, real world photography and simulation screen shots. A few of the shots in there I am quite proud of, some are better than others. There's also a couple of gun-cam GIF animations and some screenshots of a Fokker Dr1 I was modeling for a WW1 sim that got canceled about 7 years ago.

    The image of the F6F5 over the ocean in the sunrise with the poem underneath it was originally much larger and is hanging in a long time sim-buddy's den as it was to commemorate his cousin who disappeared in an F6F5 in 1945 near Okinawa.

    Hope you all enjoy!
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  2. DPTurbo29

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    That's awesome - you've got some serious talent.
  3. group44

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    Very intriguing, you 'built' your own plane, way cool. Some excellent imagery HWK, oh, and you should use those GIFs:sHa_thumb2:
  4. HWKII

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    Yeah I rather enjoyed those GIFs :) And thanks very much for the kind words. The plane I was "building" was for a WW1 sim that was canceled before it got fully off the ground. Was going to be based on the Il-2 Sturmovik engine. I just happened to know one of the guys who was leading the project :) It was a lot of fun!
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