So i got the new HKS controler...(review/ disscussion)

Discussion in 'GT Resource Center' started by DigitalWolf333, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. DigitalWolf333

    DigitalWolf333 Licensed Racer

    Game stop just happened to have received just one. its 44.99 which is totally in my price range!(side note: they had a sale so i got MAG for 5 bucks)

    i'll post pictures later.

    This review is focused on GT5 and GT5 only.

    For one this controller is HOT. like sexy, i can't stop staring at it!

    Background: I'm a long time GT player since GT2 (played the demo to GT alot tho), but i've always used a controller and never a wheel because they are expensive. I've managed all this time and i do pretty well making mostly gold and silver in licence tests (and always all gold in rally).

    Steering precision:

    The steering is slick, having a slanted slide angle actually makes it perfect after you adjust to it. making turns nice and smooth because your not straining your hands. They're in a relaxed angle, simply contracting and extending, WAY better than a analog stick.

    Got a nastly 'pumping' racing line? This will fix it with out a doubt.

    In fact it might even be the best steering a controller could have.

    Acceleration precision:

    The controller tells you how much acceleration pressure your putting out a red lighted number thing in the center. this is great for possible calibration.

    This is also the odd part, you see when they make games they adjust the game to how the player or the controller handles pressure. So what happens here?

    Different configurations give different results.

    so i watched what the throttle reading was and ran a few tests.

    at first i tried default X and Square set up. What happened here was that 0-25 pressure was 0-40 percent throttle then 25-30 pressure jacked up to 40-100%

    I thought it was broken until i realized this. So i used the switch on the back, Since you can program the controller there are shortcuts built in on it an NFS and GT setting. GT being X and Square, NFS being R2 & L2.

    Switching to NFS (and changing buttons accordingly) gave me much better results yet still a bit of error. 0-80 put the throttle through 0-55 allowing smooth build up there but then it'd spike through 80-100 from 55 to 100 throttle which isn't as bad but will hurt at low speeds some times.

    I can't tell for sure but the sliding wheel might be giving the same result. where 75-100 gives a spike in turning. Its definitely not noticeable when driving, but if you roll very slowly you'll notice the sudden angle change.

    The buttons:
    They'd be perfect if they worked as i expected them too, i can tell the pressure is spot on, and it feels great.

    Triangle and Circle are in odd positions, but if you don't hit gas and handbrake at the same time you may not care. i don't...

    You can set any button to what ever using the macro setting but you cannot swap the analog sticks with anything there or back. I hoped setting the 'pedals' to analog sticks might fix the issues but i can't set them to that.

    Also if you plan on using the NFS settings get used to using R2 to select things from then on because now R2 is X and X is R2.

    Final notes:
    The controller is accurate, but GT5 needs an update to fix the bias to particular buttons and provide an option to enable or disable them. This would allow pressure to be read as they go and not adjusted to the particular button ranges.

    I'll experiment more and post comments as i figure things out.

    So far i'm using the NFS setting as it works the best, but i'm messing with custom buttons to find the best one in terms of accuracy.
  2. DigitalWolf333

    DigitalWolf333 Licensed Racer

    Upon further usage, since the sliding wheel is so wonderful but the 'pedals' are still not fully functioning in GT5 i recommend using the triggers for driving which work as they are supposed to due it GT5's button bias.

    as long as you're not holding the controller 'full-on' as some people do (which frustrates me).

    you could use the pedals for shifting if manual is your thing. (its not for me because it to much to do with a controller)
  3. nuTTTz

    nuTTTz Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you for your review DW. Itll be interesting to see how the masses respond to it, but I am with you, its the best handheld racing controller option available right now.
  4. DigitalWolf333

    DigitalWolf333 Licensed Racer

    Yup, also i forgot to mention, force feed back is amplified greatly compared to the DS3. Giving you a better idea of what's going on with your car.
  5. DaveTheStalker

    DaveTheStalker Licensed Racer

    The major flaw with this controller are the accuracy of the gas and brake 'pedals'. The gas only uses about half of the maximum throw. While the brake seemingly uses less :(. I believe a simple firmware update could make this peripheral go from a $30-$40 meh, to a valued accessory.

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