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Discussion in 'CCC' started by tunernaut, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. tunernaut

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    In this thread: someone was asking about a tune for a GT350. After reading this, I decided to get out mine, and check the tune that I had in it. I rememeber working on the car for a little while because I just like this car alot. Even though it's a pain to drive. So here's my setup. I've been running it like this today in the Sunday Sessions.

    Mind you my car is stage 3 engine tuning and weight reduction.

    Ballast: +200, position 15. (1255kg, 52/48 balance.)

    Transmission: Tricked

    LSD: 5/5/5 It really doesn't spin. I wish I could go less on the intial torque. The stock differential is to loose with it's 0/0/0 settings.

    Ride height: -5/30 It's got a rake.
    Springs: 8.5/8.0
    Dampers Ex: 5/6
    Dampers Comp: 4/5
    Anti-Rolls: 5/5
    Camber: 2.3/1.3
    Toe: .20/.25

    Brakes 4/3

    I suspect if I didn't have a stage 3 engine with GOBS of torque, I could even out the ride height and get a little better handling. Could also move the ballast around. Wish I had a GT350R without engine tuning (subliminal message:sHa_biggrin::sHa_thumb2:)

    You still have to drive the car with an easy foot, but once you have the RPMs above the torque curve she runs out pretty well. Can still drive it pretty aggressive to. Eats tires like they're candy. But can still do a typical 4-6 lap race on racing soft tires.

    Again I suspect if the car didn't have so much torque, and it was at a lower horsepower, you could put a little bit more aggressive suspension tune in it. Anyways, this is my setup that I'm running right now. Having decent luck with it. Consistently finishing top 5 in todays Sunday Sessions, and I even won a Nordschleife race.

    Test her out and let me know what you guys think. Good luck.
  2. larrys4227

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    I've got a stock-tuned (no engine stages) GT350 that I like very much. Its a blast to drive without all that torque and take it out whenever I can. I do have a fully blown car, but I only use it for drag racing. Several others I have, all 0.0 miles. Should be one in there thats dressed Steve McQueen too, but I never did find that perfect green.

    Based on nostalgia, its gotta be one of the top 5 cars I own. I'll try your tune next chance ...
  3. tunernaut

    tunernaut Licensed Racer

    Sounds good. Let me know what you think of the tune. I know it's not perfect. But feedback is good.

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