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Discussion in 'PSN GT General' started by oldboy1943, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. oldboy1943

    oldboy1943 Licensed Racer

    A Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to all my TPRA Friends
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  2. DaletonaDave

    DaletonaDave Licensed Racer

    Right back at ya oldboy, and to all my friends here. Have a safe & Merry Christmas Holiday.
    ...and to anyone who doesn't celebrate it, Happy Monday in advance. :)
  3. SSRacing69

    SSRacing69 Administrator

    Merry Christmas all. I hope everyone stays safe and gets plenty of time to have some great racing!
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  4. dmcallis

    dmcallis Licensed Racer

    Most everyone celebrates the (re)birth of the Sun (son) at the Winter Solstice. Some just have a special name for it....


    Merry Christmas, everyone.
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  5. nuTTTz

    nuTTTz Administrator Staff Member

    Merry Christmas speed demons.

    Ill be back online sometime soon, hopefully, in the new year. Cant leave all those rear bumpers unscratched now can I? :)
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  6. wyldanimal

    wyldanimal Licensed Racer

    Merry Christmas everyone !
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