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    Vicious V8s​

    It's that man again. 'ekrainey' does it again and wins Season 4 of the Touring Car series, and he didn't even make it to the the final race.

    Just 15 points separated the 38-year-old American from second place Brit, 'Peyepete'. The title was really between those two as 'oldboy1943' finished 195 points adrift of 'ekrainey' after all the dust had settled and all the smoke had cleared. Speaking of points, the final race was destined to be an interesting one as if 'Peyepete' won the race, he'd be tied on points for the title. Then it'd be up to the organisers to decide on a final winner.

    The stage was Circuit de la Sarthe in Le Mans, France. The chicanes on the Mulsanne Straight had been removed specially for this race. This meant that the drivers could achieved speeds of over 150mph on the bumpy 6km (3.7 mile) long straight.

    The world-famous race circuit played host to an intense battle with everything on the line; and the championship leader wasn't even in attendance. Bad weather back in the US had cancelled 'ekrainey' and Precision Motor Sports' (PMS) flight, leaving them stranded at the airport. 'ekrainey' was forced to return to his residence in Saint Joseph, Missouri and watch the race on TV.
    This gave the 69-year-old 'Peyepete' a whiff of the gold. 185 points are awarded for a win in this series and that was exactly the difference between himself and 'ekrainey' going into this final race.

    After qualifying on pole by almost a second over 'DUNTOV3030', things were looking very good for 'Peyepete'. The never-ending threat of the rapid 'Monster-Energy71' looked to have been temporarily neutralised as he lined up in last place on the grid. But the inevitable was just being slightly delayed.

    After a few laps, 'Monster-Energy71' had taken the lead of the race and was storming into the distance. A little bit of retribution for team PMS as their other driver was left stranded across the pond. 'Peyepete' spent his time battling with the Peace Keeper Racing (PKR) duo of 'DUNTOV3030' and 'oldboy1943'.

    'DUNTOV3030' explains how the race went for him, "It was really nice to share the track with PKR teammate 'oldboy[1943'] last night. I made some contact with [him] in the esses after the start/finish line while he and I were racing for P2. He spun, '[Peye]pete' passed us; I waited for 'oldboy[1943'] to re-join. We chased each other down the Mulsanne [Straight] when I did something that I hadn't done in all the practice laps I had run - went into the sand at the end of Mulsanne! It was fun though, sharing the track with 'Monster[-Energy71'], ['Peye]pete', 'oldboy[1943'] and 'Hughes[824']! Congrats to 'ekraine'y for winning the series overall!"

    Things began to look up for 'Peyepete' has 'Monster-Energy71' had a problem and lost it going into the Porsche Curves. This gave 'Peyepete' hope as he passed the recovering Canadian as he was digging himself out of the gravel. But it wasn't to be as 'Monster-Energy71''s superior skill shone through once more as he passed 'Peyepete' and took the chequered flag. Any hope 'Peyepete''s team Baker Built Racing (BBR) had in their minds turned out to be false. They looked at the screens in their garage in despair as they left Circuit de la Sarthe with a sour taste in their mouths.

    TPRA News caught up with 'Peyepete' after the race. He told us of his experience, "I managed to stay about 5 seconds ahead of 'oldboy[1943'] for 13 laps, any mistake and he would have passed me. 'Monster-Energy[71'] was that far ahead on lap 14, that he pulled over for coffee and donuts just before Porsche Curves, he got back in his car as I passed him, I managed to stay with him for most of the last lap, but he still beat me to the finish line. It was a fun race for sure."[/I] A noticeably and understandably downbeat 'Peyepete', who'd realised just how close he came to glory.

    This takes nothing away from 'ekrainey' though. He truly is the TPRA's upcoming talent at the moment, having proven himself in various series', both past and present. In this Series, he proved that it's not the winning, it's the taking part. 'ekrainey' never won a race this season. He had his fair share of second-place finishes but through consistency and skill, he pulled it off. 'ekrianey' was the only driver to attend all the races, as well. Reminding us once again the importance of attendance if one wants any chance whatsoever of taking the series crown.

    Congratulations to 'ekrainey' for yet another series title and thank you to all those that participated in Season 4! Sadly, this brings us to the end of the Touring Car series. After four seasons, the organisers of BBR Wednesday Night's have decided to go in a different direction. We'll have more on this exciting new prospect very soon so keep it locked and loaded to TPRA News!

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    Awesome write-up Calvin.:sHa_thumb2:

    We had the SRT8 running over 200mph in clean air down Mulsanne.
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    Thanks, Pete! :)

    Wow! That's great stuff; I underestimated that V8 haha! Apologies for that, I had to guess the speed based on what I tested a few months back at Indy Road; that was even more impressive than I thought for Mulsanne! :)

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