Race Modded at Grand Valley East. Fighttttt !!!!

Discussion in 'Media Center' started by oFANTOMASo, Feb 11, 2012.


    oFANTOMASo Licensed Racer

    Please enjoy and rate:


    Thank you

  2. mobilmasher

    mobilmasher Licensed Racer

    Cool, great racing. Was it raining? I don't recall seeing any rain. Good music also, works good with the video.
  3. mmacek96

    mmacek96 Licensed Racer

    Wats with the large gear indicator? Hmmmm don't think that I've seen that before.
  4. larrys4227

    larrys4227 Licensed Racer

    LOL!! Great video Fantomas! That was a great pass you made on me going through the tunnel. Weird seeing my name above a car in a race .... :sHa_hehe:

    As usual, Fantastic job!

    oFANTOMASo Licensed Racer

    When somebody throw dust I activate the wipers to clean the windshield. Of course there is no dust.....just having fun:biggrin:Glad you like it. Thank you.

    It is the Fantodisplay (my creation):

    Was a great race. Last lap, that mistake:frown:Thanks for watching.
  6. STVM_RoninTuna

    STVM_RoninTuna Licensed Racer

    Yeah, wile I was watching the last vid as well as this one I was thinking there was no way I could race with so much obstruction to my view...not being able to see the the gear indicator was one major element of that. Being new to running manual the tac is another. It's definitely an interesting setup, I can see how it gets rid of the distractions of the avvies hands and second steering wheel.

    oFANTOMASo Licensed Racer

    Visibility is not very good but for some reason I have more fun racing this way. Wish PD give the option to remove the hands/wheel from the cockpit. Thanks for watching :)

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