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Discussion in 'Race Modded' started by Monster-Energy71, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Monster-Energy71

    Monster-Energy71 Licensed Racer

    LOL ill post a vid of it cause it was werid
  2. Maineiac Moose

    Maineiac Moose Administrator

    Its really not that hard to tell the average age of our members is 50+. I had my bifocals on upside down is my new excuse NBA. :sHa_hehe:
  3. NBA336

    NBA336 Licensed Racer

    LMAO!!! Too funny. I wear contacts so not sure I could use that. Maybe I had them on inside out!!!! LOL
  4. ekrainey

    ekrainey Licensed Racer

    wheres the next race?
  5. Monster-Energy71

    Monster-Energy71 Licensed Racer

    The post will b eup tomorrow
  6. Peyepete

    Peyepete Licensed Racer

    You can find the full schedule if you go to Post #2 of any event and click on Series Schedule, top left corner.

    The next race is Tsukuba.
  7. DCPLR434

    DCPLR434 Licensed Racer

    Does anyone happen to still have the replay from this race that they could send me??

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