Qualifying Procedure

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    Qualifying Procedure

    Qualifying is used to sort drivers into divisions and set the starting grid, and will be done prior to each Points Series race. Use your own "My Lounge" for qualifying. DO NOT USE GT LIFE PRACTICE MODE, the physics are different and we do not recommend practicing or preparing for an online race in this area.

    1)Qualifying runs are solo races run in your "My Lounge", everything is set up exactly like the event except for lap counts. Lap counts can be a minimum of 2 laps for those with little time to qualify and a maximum determined by track length. Maximum qualifying lap counts will be posted in the event post.

    2)Run the race you have set up and save the replay. The lap you are submitting as a qualifying time must conform to all applicable regulations, PP HP etc, pertaining to the series you are qualifying for. You will want to review your replay and note which lap is your fastest, and the lap time.

    Noting the lap number will make it easier for you and a reviewing marshal to not only find your qualifying lap in your reply, but also to review it to determine if it is clean and legal, without watching non qualifying laps.

    You can review and verify your fast lap time in the Replay Theater located on the main page of GT Life. To do this pause the replay once it has started, this will bring up a panel of controls at the bottom of the screen. Repeatedly pressing the continue button will advance the saved race sector by sector or lap by lap in some cases until you have reached the end of the race. Once at the end your fastest lap will be displayed in the top right hand corner of the screen. To review the fastest lap you can use the back button until you have found the lap you are looking for. We recommend backing up one sector past the fastest lap and watching your lap from the chase car view as this makes it much easier to see if your car has made contact with a wall or has gone out of bounds.

    3)To submit your qualifying time you may follow the link provided in the event post or use the button labeled qualify in the menu at the top of the forum. We also ask that you upload the replay to the thread associated with the event that you are qualifying for. This serves 2 purposes. First it allows us to randomly review your replays to make sure they are indeed valid qualifying runs, second it allows drivers that may be having difficulties to download and review your replay to see where they might make improvements.

    To upload a replay to the thread you will need a storage device such as a USB thumb drive that is compatible with your PS3 as well as your computer. To upload your replay directly to the thread you will need to create a post at least 2 characters in length and then go to the advanced edit options and use the add attachment option next to the smilies.(looks like a paper clip). This will open a file upload window where you will be able to browse your PC for the file and upload. Uploading your replay is not required but it is encouraged and we reserve the right to reward those that do in the form of championship points or any other means we see fit. For more information please visit the tutorial for sharing and uploading replays.

    Once qualifying has closed an official will sort the results and assign room hosts.

    We sort the results using a number of criteria.

    Primary sorting is achieved by limiting the number of drivers in a room to a maximum of 13 to limit the amount of lag that results from larger rooms. In the event that the primary sort isn't the best choice based on the qualifying times a driver may be moved up or down a division in order to make sure they are placed in a room with drivers who's times are closest to their own.

    If you have any questions or you are having trouble with the rolling start workaround, please let us know as soon as possible so we can get you sorted in time to qualify and race.
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