PS3 SSD hard drive replacement

Discussion in 'GT Resource Center' started by desmalta1, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. desmalta1

    desmalta1 Licensed Racer

    So I got the Kingston SSDNow V100 SV100S2/128GZ 2.5" 128GB SATA II Internal Solid State Drive installed into my PS3 and there is a substantial gain in load times. About 40-55 seconds from pressing the GT5 button until the game is ready to play. Loading the tracks and cars onto the hard drive has resulted in track loading times of 15-20 seconds. Loading the garage is almost instant, changing active car takes less than a second. It's blistering fast and makes the game that much more enjoyable. All for $179 after rebate at Newegg. If you have the spare change it's definitely worth the money.
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  2. jamrogie

    jamrogie Licensed Racer

    I had read elsewhere that SSD does make a very noticable difference with GT5, thanks for posting/reaffirming this!

  3. HWKII

    HWKII Licensed Racer

    How difficult was the drive replacement? I work in IT, so I'm not expecting any major surprises but if I'm going to open up my PS3 I'd like to have a plan before I do. Anything you noticed or any wisdom you could share, things you know now that you didn't before you popped the case open? Or any resources you found especially useful?
  4. clacksman

    clacksman Licensed Racer

    Youtube will have a walkthrough video. Might take a few tries to get one with the exact same model PS3 as you have.
  5. DUNTOV3030

    DUNTOV3030 Licensed Racer

    Thanks for the info des.
  6. HWKII

    HWKII Licensed Racer

    Wow, that's obscenely simple. I see an SSD in my PS3s very near future...
  7. nuTTTz

    nuTTTz Administrator Staff Member

    Yes the HDD upgradability is great, well thought out and easy to do, one of the major positives for PS3.
    Might just go SSD myself for the improvement in load times alone.
  8. RackAttack

    RackAttack Licensed Racer

    I replaced my HDD with an 128GB SSD last night and started the restore before I went to sleep. I'll report back tonight when I get a chance to try it out.

    There are 64GB SSDs available at Newegg for $110 (after a rebate). My 128GB was 179.99 after rebate (+ tax). I figure I can use it something else (next gen PS maybe?) so I went ahead and bought a bigger one.

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