PS Vita : Just Purchased, Review to follow

Discussion in 'Media Center' started by MoparSRT, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. MoparSRT

    MoparSRT TPRA Staff

    Well ladies and gents, i just purchased the PS Vita. I opted for the 3G/Wifi model (suggested imo, details later) so far with initial impressions are very very good, its sleek, smooth, and very responsive. im currently DL/Copying data to it, and setting all the options up (remote play, games, FB, netflix and so forth). If y'all have any questions/comments/concerns that you would like answers to just post them here and i will try to answer them asap. i'll be posting a full review over the weekend. until then hope to hear some questions and so forth
  2. DCPLR434

    DCPLR434 Licensed Racer

    is there gran torismo on it??

    SWERV_GRIFFIN Licensed Racer

    Are you now a Vita-man?:sHa_hehe:

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