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Discussion in 'CCC' started by THE_KART96, May 14, 2015.

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    Hi everyone. Well I'm back and ready to tear into the tuning side of this new game. After looking it over, I found that there is a ton of things you can adjust to make the car better. But because of this, most will find that things have become worst. So as I explore things, I will post my findings to help you all along.
    The first champion ship is the 125 shifter karts. These are easy to tune as you only have a few things to play with. One is psi. I found that 70 front and 85 rear is a good starting point. This helps to keep the kart stable. If you find that it is too tight, remove 1 psi from the rear and test it out. Adjust from there.
    The brakes I found work well with 55% towards the front. But remember to release them as you turn in. You can also adjust the drivers seating position. Forward or back. This I have yet tried to do but will post when I do.

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