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Discussion in 'Media Center' started by CDR_ooty, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. CDR_ooty

    CDR_ooty Licensed Racer

    Have you found a video on the web about racing you want to share?
    A actual car that is represented in Gran Turismo.
    What about a great sounding engine?
    Or words of wisdom from a legendary race driver.
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  2. CDR_ooty

    CDR_ooty Licensed Racer


    At one point he talks about data aquisition . I wonder has anyone has taken anothers lap in gt5 and tried to use the lap analizer to compare it to his own? or even can you?
  3. snakegt40

    snakegt40 Licensed Racer

    A little classic Nurburgring.Enjoy!:sHa_biggrin:
  4. onemoetime

    onemoetime Guest

    Look how amazing this guy is at drifting.. I mean really, drifting around Cape Ring (full) with one solid drift = insane.!

  5. CDR_ooty

    CDR_ooty Licensed Racer

    President Reagan and the King of Nascar

    btw Cale Yarborough was the one I was wanting to win.
  6. onemoetime

    onemoetime Guest

    Ken Block going bananas on 51ยบ banking :eek:

  7. CDR_ooty

    CDR_ooty Licensed Racer

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  8. clacksman

    clacksman Licensed Racer

  9. Forgetful

    Forgetful Licensed Racer

    I'm at work, so I wasn't do anything anyways :D
  10. CDR_ooty

    CDR_ooty Licensed Racer

    suspension view and great sound on daytona road BMW GT M3
    TURN IT UP!!!
  11. onemoetime

    onemoetime Guest

    That is super sweet... it almost looks like the tire is separating from the rim at high speeds. Very interesting camera angel.
  12. CDR_ooty

    CDR_ooty Licensed Racer

    It was intresting to me that so little steering angle was needed to get around. The tire squeel exiting the infeld I never could get that corner without sliding ether on prologue.
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  13. DigitalWolf333

    DigitalWolf333 Licensed Racer


    i've been dying for it for AGES!
  14. Wallhugger60

    Wallhugger60 Licensed Racer

    I wonder if he has tire wear off:sHa_biggrin:
  15. HyperKat

    HyperKat Licensed Racer

    GUYS!!!! I just Gagged!!!!
    great skill, he has to be in the top 100 on the drifting rankings
  16. DigitalWolf333

    DigitalWolf333 Licensed Racer


    GT5 flipping cars put to good use :O


    See B-spec drivers do have personality.
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  17. Eggman17

    Eggman17 Licensed Racer

    Wolf are you looking for the 00 SVT cobra R?
  18. DigitalWolf333

    DigitalWolf333 Licensed Racer

    Yes T_T.

    It's never showed up used...
  19. Eggman17

    Eggman17 Licensed Racer

    Got ya covered... ;)
    Send me a friend invite and ill send one over.
  20. robiker

    robiker Licensed Racer

    I don't think I've ever seen a black one before. I thought they only came in red.

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