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    Well gents here in the Studio, our producer's have come up with this idea and would like to gauge some interest in a series based on Touring Car/Performance Points/Tire combo. The guidelines **TBL Finalized** are listed below. Not only do i ask for your Opinion/Suggestions for all data is welcome. If interested in running testing for such interest please send me a pm/email/text/post.

    Here's How it Works :
    Alright gents here we have a few guidelines the vehicles and specs the should be run at per Class if you will
    - There are to be no race cars
    - Tuner cars are allowed
    - You may Sacrifice PP in order to run a softer compound of tire (TBA shortly)
    **490 - Racing Soft
    **505 - Racing Medium
    **520 - Racing Hard
    - Before Each Race there will be a tech inspection to meet each Tire/PP Combination's
    - Run What ya like, there are no limits to tuning Including GT Auto modifications Except NO RM (Aero, Oil, Engine, Chassis)

    - You may choose any set PP/Tire combo listed above previous to the event but you may not change in between races
    - All Qualifying will be done on on the 505/Medium combo
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    *waves hand*
    sounds good to me!!

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