New Gran Turismo 6 Trailer and Features List Revealed!

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    The new trailer.​

    The game that will dominate most of our lives away from real life is just over a month away and what a treat Polyphony Digital has given us - a plethora of new information about the next installment in PlayStation's biggest selling franchise.

    Okay so the cars. There's going to be 1,200 of them. Some people will say that's too many (this writer) others will say the more the merrier but hey, we've got some real nice rides hidden in that gigantic catalogue. With so many cars in the game (my research tells me almost double the population of Vatican City), PD has decided they finally need some sorting. We've got Historic, Supercars (the C7 is included in that category for some reason), Sports (where the C7 actually belongs), Competition, American Muscle, Future, and finally Compact & Modern.

    Previously unannounced cars include:
    Pontiac Firebird, BMW M3 GTE, Subi BRZ GT300, a new McLaren F1 race car, new Honda Fit, new Mazda Demio, Premium Veyron, Range Rover Evoque, NSX Concept, 'Vette Stingray C7 Racing Concept, Fiat 500 Abarth, Aston One-77, Premium Ford GT40, Ferrari FXX, Cadillac CTS-V Coupe, Chevy Nova SS, Mustang Boss 302, Lambo Diablo GT, Lambo Diablo GT2, Lambo Reventon some sort of Moon Buggy, some cars I don't know the name of and some other cars I missed.

    After looking at the Official Gran Turismo 6 Car List, I can confirm that a BMW E30 of any sort is STILL absent from a Gran Turismo game. Yes, we're pre-DLC, but the fans were crying out for it!

    Tracks then. We need them to drive cars on. A track inside what looked like a Soccer stadium named "Gran Turismo Arena" is new, the "Ascari Full Track" in Spain, Daytona Superspeedway can now be run at night (and day presumably) so that means NASCAR at night. Do they do that in real-life? If they don't, they should.

    In terms of what tracks we actually get - you already know the main list. New news is what ones get weather and time variations. Not every track in the game gets them but pretty much all of the new tracks do and some of the old favourites from GT5 get them, too.
    There's 39 tracks in GT6, not including variations. One problem - still no Midfield Raceway!! DLC, please! DLC is expected to be churned out at a monthly rate, so my hopes of PD bringing back Midfield Raceway are not tarnished just yet. Oh, and the "night sky astronomical system" seems to play a big part. That's great, but we're driving on planet Earth, not the Moon.

    The Moon
    Ah, see, now this is where things get a little fuzzy. Yes, you read that right before, there's possibly some sort of Moon Buggy in this game. The last shot of the trailer shows two astronauts driving on the Moon. Or maybe it's a sound studio made to look like the Moon. Why would Kaz include this? Ask yourself - when was the last time a Gran Turismo game included all normal content? Answer: Never. Prepare to get weirded out again.

    Game Modes
    We get the usual - Arcade, Career, Special events, Star System. Wait, what? Where has Kaz's obsession with Space come from? Who knows. But hey, new content is great content, right?

    Attention to Detail - the Sky at Night
    Well what it means is not only will the day/night transitions show the Sun going down and the Moon coming up, stars will be accurately recreated. Our eyes will be focused on the road ahead, but somehow it'll be nice taking comfort in the fact that PD have put many man-hours into making sure each star in the night sky is accurately recreated.

    The UI looks simpler and supposedly runs faster than the horror show that was GT5's. Cars can now be searched by various categories rather than just dealerships, GT Auto has now been renamed "Pit Service" (and has thus lost some decree) and the whole thing just looks like PD thought about it this time.

    Career Mode
    Yes, you got your Licenses revoked again and have to re-take your driving tests to earn them back again. A new system that uses stars to determine your skill and entry into certain events has been brought in - better than the old level system? Hope so!

    Here comes a spoiler alert! Avert thine eyes! So if you're still reading this, the first race you do is 2 laps of High Speed Ring. How apt! How classic! How nostalgic! The person in the official screenshots chose a new Honda Fit RS as their first car. They must be AT LEAST 80 years old. Buying the RS model because it made them feel young again. The 40s were a long time ago.

    Coffee Break returns so you can knock over some cones and whatnot.

    The Garage
    Where the merchandise is stored. Speaking of storage, you'll be able to organise your Garage in new ways, including putting some of your lesser-used cars in a "Stockyard" and then transfer them to your Garage when you need them. GT6 - giving players more real estate, for free!

    Tuning and Service
    YOU.CAN.GET.NITROUS. 'Nuff said. Actually not enough has been said. New visual parts for that aesthetic brilliance have been added - more rims, wings and other fancy bits can be bolted onto your delicious dream machine.

    As mentioned earlier, GT Auto has now become "Pit Service". All the usual stuff goes on here - car wash, oil change, body reinforcement, e.t.c. A new addition is the ability to see when your car actually needs an oil change or engine change or body reinforcement.

    Racing gear is back with all the attire from GT5 and probably even more. Paint also returns but now looks like it's split into easy-to-find categories. Plainly, it's taken PD a while to understand organisation but thank the car gods they've finally got there!

    A mode that was clearly designed with one eye on the TPRA. There's gonna be forums (please keep this one, though), there's gonna be clubs, there's gonna be multiple races in sequence, there's gonna be more host options, there's gonna be Practice and Qualifying, there's gonna be Quick Match, there's gonna be awesomeness!

    All of your racing wheels will work with GT6.

    Vision GT
    Was actually the working title for GT5. Remember that trailer back at E3 '05 using GT4 graphics but with loads of cars on track at once and other cool stuff? The game that trailer was previewing came out five whole years later. Anyway, this version of Vision GT is about car companies making radical concept cars and previewing them in GT6.

    Alfa Romeo, Alpine, Aston Martin, Audi, Bertone, BMW, GM Design, Honda, Infiniti, Italdesign, Jordan (yes, basketball Jordan), Mercedes-Benz, Nike, Nissan, Peugeot, SRT, Volkswagen and Zagato are all involved.

    The suspension, tyre and graphics tech is mind-blowing as you know. Don't be surprised if your PS3 explodes when you first insert the GT6 disc. How can this eight, yes EIGHT year-old console possibly run this game? GT6 will employ next-generation technology on a current-generation console.

    The Stuff PD Will Have to Release in Updates Post-Release Because They Ran Out Of Time
    B-Spec but with more "poweeerrrrrr", Course Maker with the added possibility to "generate a track by capturing the GPS coordinate data of a mobile app while you are driving that course", a Data Logger, a GPS Visualiser, mobile device stuff and lastly but not least(ly) 3D compatibility.

    The End Bit
    How'd you enjoy the article in easy-to-digest chunks? I hope it gave you something to do and thanks for taking the time out to give it a read!

    A lot can happen in a month, but at least at the end of it you can say goodbye to the other half, forage into your man cave and revel in the joyous experience that is Gran Turismo 6!

    Screenshots, videos and even more detailed information on all of this stuff is now available in the special GT6 section of the official Gran Turismo website.

    Thanks to TPRA member (Dr.) MiamiPhill for helping TPRA News beat GTPlanet to this one!
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