Need Your Input for Our New Event!

Discussion in 'Polling Station' started by calvins48, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    We Want Your Feedback!

    Please read below before voting in the poll!

    Myself (calvins48) and MoparSRT want to make an event that you'll all enjoy. Something where you're excited every single week to race and have fun. While we can't cater to everyone, we're going to try our utmost to cater to at least the majority of our family here at the TPRA. So what's the best way to do that? Your feedback.

    What excites you the most? What makes you want to race at the TPRA? What makes you actually want to turn on your PS3 and race online in GT6?

    Read the event template below and telll us what you think. It doesn't matter how long or short your post is, you're not going to offend anyone, just make a post in this thread and give us your thoughts!

    We've tried to make this as easy to read and understand as possible. :sHa_thumb2:

    Every Sunday.

    How Long?
    2 hours officially, 3 hours including Unofficial Practice. The 2 hours includes Practice, Qualifying and the Racing.

    When Does The Room Open?
    The room opens at 2pm Eastern for an hour. Drivers are free to laze in the lounge, take to the track, whatever. You are not required to be in the room at this point - you can leave and come back if you wish. This is considered Unofficial Practice.

    Official Practice
    Begins at 3pm and lasts for 30 minutes. This is when the event officially starts. You're not required to be present at 3pm, but if you want to practice with other drivers you can. The only period you are required to be present for is for the Racing.

    Begins at 3:30pm and lasts for 15 minutes. You don't have to be here, but if you want a good grid slot, it's worth trying to make it. The results from qualifying will determine the grid for Race 1.

    Begins at 3:45pm and lasts for 1 hour including 5 minute breaks between races. There are 3 races, each lasting 20 minutes.

    Race 1
    Grid is based on the results from Qualifying.

    Race 2
    Reverse grid based on the results from Race 1.

    Race 3
    Grid is based on the results from Race 2.

    Anything Else?
    Winners will be mentioned on the TPRA Podcast.
    NOTE: All times are approximates and can be adjusted for whatever variables are thrown up.

    Our Questions
    One-make or open? Or maybe something else entirely? Maybe alternate and have one week with one-make and one week with open? This is our biggest deliberation and can be voted on in the poll above.

    Points per race to achieve an overall winner? Or no points whatsoever?
    Reverse Race
    Should it be Race 2 or Race 3?
    Do you want it or do you want it banned?

    Please please please let us know what you think! We are a community and we want everybody to enjoy the racing here. Don't be afraid to post - it doesn't take long to voice an opinion! :sHa_biggrin:
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  2. Forgetful

    Forgetful Licensed Racer

    One make, race car, 550-600PP

    Points Yes

    Reverse grid in race 2

    Tuning allowed
  3. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    Thank you! Some feedback!! Much appreciated mate. :sHa_thumb2:
  4. SSRacing69

    SSRacing69 Administrator

    I rarely get a chance to race during the day on week ends so I shouldn't be considered a good source for feed back. I'm curious though if you are planning to replace the Sunday Sessions with this format? I've noticed too that ForgetfuI is looking at a Saturday event and there appears to be a unique opportunity forming. If Sunday was used as a prelude to the following Saturday it might just eliminate one of the major negatives that we encounter in week night championships. That being lack of test and tune time (to be adequately prepared) and lack of multiple short races (to provide fun and a break in the monotony of solo tunning). If drivers had a casual environment on Sunday to get in a lot of racing with their buddies and some tunning as well, and the car would be the same as the next weeks Saturday event, you guys might wind up with the two best attended events that the TPRA has to offer!!! You could offer short Championships and still alternate with one off special events in between the Championships. That's not to say that you couldn't each offer completely different things and be very successful but I see great potential if you did want to collaborate.
  5. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    Hey mate, it doesn't matter how much you race, all feedback is appreciated! Thanks for taking the time out to voice your thoughts! :sHa_thumb2:

    To be honest, we're not 100% sure on what we're going to do with our new event. We've come to realise that the Sunday Sessions' current format isn't for everyone, so we're looking to spruce things up - new name for the event and everything.

    We want to keep some aspects of the Sessions - in that it's a way to acquire new members and make it as fun and open as realistically possible. We're certainly going for the more casual scene, but not too much to make it into an after-thought. Would people want to run the same track with the same cars on a Sunday and then the following Saturday? If this is what the people want then as you say, it could turn into one of the best attended events!

    Mopar and I will certainly take all of this on board! :sHa_biggrin:
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  6. DarkLegions

    DarkLegions Licensed Racer

    I'm in a similar boat to SS that I wouldnt be able to make it to many of the sunday sessions.


    What i like in racing is racing GT cars, ~500+ hp. Like the fordgt, corvette, aston martin, lexus lfa, lambo. They are just cool cars that I like driving.
    I dont like tricking them out with engine stage upgrades and the like. Maybe the intake, ecu, exhaust mods and weight reduction. Seems more real.

    In cars like these, I would prefer one make races, as they are too different in the game to try to balance together.

    Depending on how much HP, i like a corresponding race tire. Meaning that in many cases I would prefer using race hard tires. I dont like it when i feel like the car is on rails, I.E. subaru gt300 car on race softs, its too much grip that doesnt feel right.
  7. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    Thanks Dark! We'll take all this into consideration. Whenever we run road cars, we usually go for Sports: Soft tyres, but on a racing car, yes, Racing: Hards would be the preferred choice. :sHa_okay:
  8. MiamiPhill

    MiamiPhill TPRA Staff

    Ok I'll take a stab at it....

    TPRA Historics: Older sports & race cars run at legendery tracks and equipped in manner exactly or close to real world.

    Mid 60s Le Mans works cars;
    Series: Mazda Raceway, Spa, Le Mans (no chicane), Monza 80s
    Tires: Racing Hards
    Ferrari 330 P4 '67 471hp 892kg 572pp (100kg ballast added to bring it's pwr to wt. ratio to match the others at 1.89kg/hp.)
    Ford Mark IV race car '67 529hp 1000kg 595pp
    Jaguar XJ13 '66 529hp 1000kg 588pp

    Monterey Historics;
    One Make Races: Mazda Raceway
    Tires: Sports Soft tires
    Shelby Cobra 427 S/C Chrome Line (chosen over the standard Cobra because it retains the racing stripes when painted)
    510hp, 1068kg, 544pp

    Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2 '65
    177hp, 620kg, 494pp (RH tires)

    Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe '64
    385hp, 1043kg, 537pp (RH tires)

    I have more so let me know if you want to hear them.
  9. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    Mate fire away! All feedback/ideas for potential popular events are welcome. If people see these ideas of yours and like them, then all the better! :sHa_clap:
  10. bamboo4wt

    bamboo4wt Licensed Racer

    Hey everyone! Been a while for me. Due too a number of things I finally came back to GT this past December and am feeling like most of the rust has been knocked off.
    I cant run as much as i used too but would love to carve out some time for specific events with a one make type of orientation. testing and tuning is a time crunch so if i could run the same car over a series I believe I could make more events. I love the idea of an SCCA type of division where i could run a specific car week in and week out.
    Tuning for different tracks is no problem but giving my time to several cars could be tough. I see forgrtfui has a GT3 event planned and I will definately be there Saturday.
    I sure miss the community here and cant wait too get back on the grid with you guys. Its funny but i kinda feel like thst guy that showed up in Porloge all those years ago!
    Hey maybe i could just run the Integra Type R aroung Suzuka about 5000 times!! LOL!!:sHa_biggrin:
  11. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    Thanks for your input bamboo! Good to see you getting back into things! :sHa_biggrin:

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