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  1. L_Keniston_13K

    L_Keniston_13K Licensed Racer

    after a couple weeks running NASCAR on the speedways i learned how badly im out to lunch on what to do. seems like no matter what set ups i put on my NASCAR cars i can not keep up threw the turns. usually too tight to make the turns with out backing too far out. no fun being over a second off the pace. googled some set ups and nothing seems to get me even close to competitive. sondering if anyone would be willing to share something or tell me what ive got to do to make the cars work in an online setting.

    im ok with daytona its HSR motegi and Indy
  2. Oldtimer01

    Oldtimer01 TPRA Staff

    Send me a friends request and I will help you out as much as I can. You could also get with SSRacing69. He usually has a room up that he is working on cars in.
  3. SSRacing69

    SSRacing69 Administrator

    I'd be happy to help you out Ken. There's usually a few of us practicing together for a few nights before any given race. We're usually in my lounge or mobilmasher, badaboya1 or Windfire1010's. I've got you on my friends list but you might send a friends request to the other guy's if you don't have them already. Motegi was tough, by the time we dial in a good tune the tire model will probably change again, lol.
  4. L_Keniston_13K

    L_Keniston_13K Licensed Racer

    ill send some friend requests later tonight. im pretty discouraged right now after spending 3 hours working on that street scrap car and being 3 seconds slow... even after being almost 150kg light in quals.
  5. SSRacing69

    SSRacing69 Administrator

    We'll help you out. Don't get too discouraged, we've got some great racers here!
  6. Monster-Energy71

    Monster-Energy71 Licensed Racer

    Send a request to me bud ill hook you up with a awesome street scrap set-up (NO STAGE ONE ENGINE)

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