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  1. THE_KART96

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    Here is a tune for Indy in a NASCAR. It works on all models.

    mm- 10/0
    spring- 17/17
    dampers both- 8/4
    roll bar- 4/4
    camber- 2/.5
    toe- -5/+5
    This is a custom gear box that defies all you know.
    Set it to default.
    Adjust top speed to 267
    3rd and 4th gear all the way right.
    Now adjust the final so your top speed up by the chart is at 320mph
    Adjust 1st and 2nd to your liking.

    OLDTIMER gets all the credit for this tune. This tune was decided to be posted so that the crashing is kept to a min. After 2 days of work by myself, I was not even close to having the car handle like this. This NASCAR is totally backwards to what I have learned with the RC cars. I guess you could say that NASCAR is backwards.:sHa_hehe::sFun_nahnahna: Enjoy.
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  3. larrys4227

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    Oldtimer had sent me the tranny settings .... glad he did because I wasnt getting anywhere trying to figure out this new 'trick'. The suspension settings are very close to what I have, but some interesting differences. I'm looking forward to trying it all!!!

    Some may like to try this as well .... its what i was running the other night. The only drawback that I found was that after lap 12 ... the right front was history. If your setup above corrects this even alittle bit .... it'll be awesome!!

    Aero - 50/70
    Trans Final Drive adjustment - 217(qualify) - 242(Race)
    LSD - 5/15/5
    Height - 7/7
    Springs - 17/17
    Dampers - 8/4 8/4
    Roll Bars - 4/4
    Camber - 2.5/2.5
    Toe - 0.05/-0.05
  4. larrys4227

    larrys4227 Licensed Racer

    Kart/Oldtimer - Couldnt resist jumping on your tune first thing this morning .... :)

    My Indy Nascar isn't broke in yet ..... 871HP, but the results are real promising!

    After 21 laps, the fastest free lap(#4) was 44.615 ... If I recall correctly my tune at Q gears of 217 it was 44.9's

    The biggest difference was tire wear. I was all the way to lap 19 before the tires and lap times were hinting at a pit stop. The right rear was most affected .... had about 1/8 left. The right front had 1/4 ..... Excellent improvement!!! I kept going until the end of lap 21, and it was still driveable, but lap times were down about 1.2 seconds.

    The cars alittle loose for my liking, but it never stepped out on me. I was confident in full throttle all the way around the track.

    I'm really interested to get the car out on the track with others to draft. By myself it was running a tad over 8K, and with the tall 3rd gear, it seems to have plenty to draft.

    Nice nice job guys!! I have my Daytona car ... and now I have an Indy car!! Woot! Woot! :sHa_thumb2::sHa_clap::sBo_crazyjump:
  5. Forgetful

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    Aero? LSD?

    Is that toe 0.05s or 0.50s?
  6. larrys4227

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    What I originally gave Oldtimer had MaxAero, and 5/15/5 LSD. He certainly could have changed it, but its what I ran on his modified tune this morning.

    It turned great with .05's ... cant imagine it being .5's
  7. Oldtimer01

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    Max Aero
    Adjust LSD to your liking
    0.05 -0.05
  8. THE_KART96

    THE_KART96 TPRA Staff

    0.05 sorry about that. And the LSD was set to a lot of different settings. So set it to what YOU like.
  9. Oldtimer01

    Oldtimer01 TPRA Staff

    Don't give me all the credit. Larry got me pointed in the right direction on the suspension. Jimmy was throwing some numbers at us during a couple races on Sunday. Had a couple guys join the room with some pretty fast cars and we pretty much backwards engineered the transmission. Knowing what speeds they could hold in the corners and what speed and RPM's they were hitting at the end of the straights made it easy to come up with a working gearbox.

    I got to give credit to Larry and jimmy. I couldn't have done it without their input.
  10. Juan-de-Juarez

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    I'm not sure if I understand the Tranny set up. My chart is showing all of 1st and 2nd gear and only the very tip of 3rd and 4th is completely off the chart.

    Is this right?
  11. THE_KART96

    THE_KART96 TPRA Staff

  12. Juan-de-Juarez

    Juan-de-Juarez Licensed Racer

    Thank You.

    I was getting close to the 14's with a lot of 15.1's. I raised the front end by a 5 when i was doing those times.

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