My new hobby!!

Discussion in 'Driver's Lounge' started by Jimmy1971, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Jimmy1971

    Jimmy1971 Administrator Staff Member

    My new hobby that has taken over the old one.


    SWERV_GRIFFIN Licensed Racer

    Looks like the Traxxas displaced Patches in the Obutto
  3. nuTTTz

    nuTTTz Administrator Staff Member

    Patches is sitting back listening to Carrie Underwood

  4. pkr_aracer77

    pkr_aracer77 Licensed Racer

    That thing is big! Looks FAST. Patches could proally take it for a ride!
  5. SnakeEyes427

    SnakeEyes427 Licensed Racer

    It's Revo. I still have my good old Stampede.
  6. Jimmy1971

    Jimmy1971 Administrator Staff Member

    It's the Summit. It's based off of the E-Revo, but it has more+softer suspension travel, hi-lo transmission and lockable front and rear diffs.

    SWERV_GRIFFIN Licensed Racer

    By far my favorite Country song. Wrong or Right, That's Real, Son. What????????
  8. tunernaut

    tunernaut Licensed Racer

    I got a Traxxas Slayer Pro 4x4. Thing is almost to much fun. It's got a 2 speed transmission, and I LOVE how it sounds when it shifts. Lots of fun. Towards the end of fall last year, one of the nicer days, I had it out at my friend's house. There were a few of us that were running. I had my Slayer Pro, and there were two Revo's. Anyway, we're racing around, and at some point I went 2nd gear pinned, slideways into a hidden brick in the grass. Bent the hell out of it. But surprisingly, I got enough adjustment out of the suspension to get her to roll straight. These things are a crazy good time.
  9. SnakeEyes427

    SnakeEyes427 Licensed Racer

    Oh, my bad!:redface: Same thing only different :sHa_hehe:

    I guess given my Stampede has a Slash Chassis it's not a Stampede any more. :sCo_chinscratch: Now it's a monster! :sCh_taz:

    R/C cars are my old hobby. Beware, if you think a gaming rig for GT5 costs you just wait till you add up two years of parts and "toys" for that toy. :sSc_eek:
  10. Jimmy1971

    Jimmy1971 Administrator Staff Member

    Don't worry, I know. I've already spent over $1100 just to get started.:sSc_eek: I knew I should not have added up the receipts.
  11. THE_KART96

    THE_KART96 TPRA Staff

    I use to run Pan cars. $500 for the kit, (back in the 90's) $300 for a motor that could last only 1 lap.( went through a few of them) Tires $40 a pack and they lasted 3 race days.= OUCH!!!!!!
  12. SnakeEyes427

    SnakeEyes427 Licensed Racer

    Yup, easy to do. :)

    I have 7 R/C's right now. One is a Traxxas Boat that takes two bats. At $120 ea LI-PO or NMHD that adds up fast. Then a charger that dose both, a balancer, all all the tools. Yes, sir. My fist job was at Hobby People. I've seen $5000 us spent in 10 mins.:sSc_eek:
    And airplanes are on the order of 5 more then the cars. And when you crash that, you start all over. :sHa_hehe:
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  13. larrys4227

    larrys4227 Licensed Racer

    Certainly not a new hobby for me. Cars, boats, airplanes can get expensive, but its in my blood. Been doing it since I was 6.

    Heres a link to more pics than you need. :)
  14. redrkt

    redrkt Licensed Racer

    here is a link to my current collection of toys, and yeah it can get rather expensive (and to think the better half would rather I did this than collect HotWheels)

    Redrkt R/C
  15. Maineiac Moose

    Maineiac Moose Administrator

    LOL I just used an old spec motor, a pinion and spur out of my RC10 T-2 parts stash, drilled out a clutch hub so I could press in a bearing and used it all to create an electric tooth brush for my nephews science project. At a full 18 volts it would brush the teeth right out of a hippo's mouth but with the 3 volt battery tray I gave it it runs at a much safer speed. It was a great project and it had me into my RC stuff for the first time in a very long time, Im considering ordering a new set of belts for my street weapon and dropping one of those old 10 turns in it :)
  16. SnakeEyes427

    SnakeEyes427 Licensed Racer

  17. Jimmy1971

    Jimmy1971 Administrator Staff Member

    Tonight's project!!!

  18. SnakeEyes427

    SnakeEyes427 Licensed Racer

    Theres nearly $150 us, give or take. But, darn nice tires.

    P.S. I hope you cut off the sides of the foam on the outsides so they match the roll in the side of the tire.;)
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  19. Jimmy1971

    Jimmy1971 Administrator Staff Member

    Must you keep bringing up the $$$, lol? I'm trying not to think of it. Anyways after some trimming of the foams and 96 screws later, I'm done getting the tires on the rims. Installing them can wait for tomorrow.
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  20. SnakeEyes427

    SnakeEyes427 Licensed Racer

    Sorry, I do sound like my Dad now.

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