Megane Trophy Base Model '11 tune

Discussion in 'CCC' started by THE_KART96, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. THE_KART96

    THE_KART96 TPRA Staff

    Here is what I ran at HSR:

    Ride height- 90 90
    spring rate- 12.66 14.79
    dampers compression: 6/6
    dampers extension: 5/7
    anti-roll bar: 5/7
    camber: 2.0/1.8
    toe: +0.02/+0.13
    brakes: 5/5
    LSD: 7/30/5
    1st: 2.676
    2nd: 1.771
    3rd: 1.279
    4th: 0.970
    5th: 0.773
    6th: 0.697
    final: 4.472
    top speed set at 211mph

    forgot this aero at full.
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  2. NBA336

    NBA336 Licensed Racer

    Thanks for the info Kart. I'm sure it will be helpful. I was curious what everyone's set up was actually. I'm sure it was all over the place with the back end so loose. :)
  3. mesder13

    mesder13 Licensed Racer

    Mine was:

    Ride height: 65 68
    spring rate: 14.68 13.58
    dampers compression: 6/5
    dampers extension: 6/5
    anti-roll bar: 3/3
    camber: 1.2/0.3
    toe: +0.08/+0.16
    brakes: 5/5
    LSD: 5/35/20

    1st: 2.894
    2nd: 1.986
    3rd: 1.466
    4th: 1.133
    5th: 0.918
    6th: 0.779
    final: 4.400
    top speed: 174
    Downforce: 50/120

    We couldn't be much farther apart haha.
  4. THE_KART96

    THE_KART96 TPRA Staff

    After testing, this tune will not work at Daytona RC. Will post a tune for that track soon.
  5. THE_KART96

    THE_KART96 TPRA Staff

    Here is a tune for Daytona RC.
    ride height: 75/80
    spring: 12.95/16.95
    dampers compression: 6/4
    dampers extension: 4/6
    anti-roll bar: 6/4
    camber: 1.2/1.7
    toe: +0.01/+0.10
    brakes: 6/5
    1st: 2.545
    2nd: 1.866
    3rd: 1.445
    4th: 1.114
    5th: 0.899
    6th: 0.750
    Final: 4.400

    top speed set at 180mph. Aero set at default.
    Fastest time: 1:50.569
  6. DarkLegions

    DarkLegions Licensed Racer

    Kart you're awesome, for ppl like me who dont tune that well, a starting tune is hugely helpful. Thanks.
  7. Outlier73

    Outlier73 Licensed Racer

    I recall in GT5 that the physics in multiplayer was different than single player. Is this still the case in GT6? I ask because I found in Maniac's last pp550 race I was about a sec off my practice times I guess I'm asking to figure out how far off your pace I really am :)
  8. the_saint8

    the_saint8 Licensed Racer

    You mean on and off line? Yes there remains similar differences.
  9. mobilmasher

    mobilmasher Licensed Racer

    Here is the tune I have for DRC, it's actually what I was gonna run at HSR but with Kart's trans and Aero settings, I've ran a 1'50.741 with it.
    RH 84 / 80
    Springs 15.60 / 15.40
    Comp 5 / 3
    Ext 9 / 6
    ARB 4 / 3
    Camber 2.1 / 1.2
    Toe -0.03 / -0.12
    Brakes 2 / 3
    LSD 7 / 15 / 5
    Trans and Aero the same as Kart's tune, for me this tune is "tight" where Kart's tune was very "loose" for me. I expect still tweek it some more before race time.
  10. Outlier73

    Outlier73 Licensed Racer

    well I thought my tune was somewhat similar to Karts but now that I'm looking at the numbers I'm somewhere in between the middle of the two of you.

    I made major changes to the Diff to add stability on entry. I left the ARB even through since I thought the mid corner balance was quite good. I also orginally had slightly stiffer front dampers but ended up softening them again to absorb some of the curb impact coming off the oval after losing the car there several times. I kept the brakes soft to help reduce lock up but I suppose better pedal control is really what is in order :).

    My ride height is much lower but I wasn't sure where to go with this. Without the kind of telemtry I was used to in Forza 4 I didn't know when the car was bottoming out. Camber is the same issue. Wasn't sure what amount of -camber is too much with out either tire temps or a camber measurement during cornering (from replay) How do you all figure out your settings?

    I ran a 1:50.4x with this set up. ONCE - durring offline practice mode! I haven't been able to practice for several days so will run some laps tonight to get a handle on braking points and turn in points and finalize my set up. (I'll try your setups as well to see if I can make them work. Thanks!) I'm guessing I'll be closer to 1:51s???

    here's mine;
    RH 60 / 58
    Springs 12.41 / 14.00
    Comp 3 / 3
    Ext 4 / 4
    ARB 3 / 3
    Camber 2.0 / 1.1
    Toe .00 / +.09
    Brakes 3 / 3
    LSD 6 / 20 / 26

    Trans - didn't touch except to change top speed to 180 so nothing to post.

    Aero - 98 (default is 100)
  11. Monster-Energy71

    Monster-Energy71 Licensed Racer

    i just tried this tune, was very stable underpower, soooo i took out the areo (50) and let me tell you its fast but you have to hang on
  12. Outlier73

    Outlier73 Licensed Racer

    Man, I really struggle at Daytona! And online physics are definitely different than offline (like GT5). I'm about 2 sec slower per lap than off line - and much less consistent. Best laps are only in the 1:52's with my tune or Karts. And I'm wildly inconsistent!

    This is a tough track for me. I'm still going to race tonight but I'm going to have to slow it down even more so I don't lose it and take anyone else out :)

    Fun car and track though.
  13. mobilmasher

    mobilmasher Licensed Racer

    Daytona can be like that, especially the busstop, it takes alot of track time to be consistant there, and even more to be fast through it. When I came up with my tune things must have been ideal, my clean laps were all in the low 51s with my fastest on lap 8, now I'm struggling to stay in the 51s and tweaks don't seem to help. I'll be towards the rear of the field tonight also.
  14. choate51

    choate51 Licensed Racer

    Might be there for this one.
  15. Jimmy1971

    Jimmy1971 Administrator Staff Member

    Here's what I'm using @ DRC

    Ride height: 77 75
    spring rate: 9.75 11.55
    dampers compression: 4 5
    dampers extension: 4 5
    anti-roll bar: 3 4
    camber: 1.5 0.9
    toe: 0.00 +0.03
    brakes: 4 1
    LSD: 12 26 20
    top speed set at 180mph
    1st: 2.576
    2nd: 1.848
    3rd: 1.383
    4th: 1.088
    5th: 0.908
    6th: 0.780
    final: 4.400
    down force 110
  16. mobilmasher

    mobilmasher Licensed Racer

    It's good to see different people sharing their tunes, they're all different with varying qualities, by combining certain aspects from different tunes we may all improve our competitiveness, Thank you:sHa_thumb2:

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