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    Its been a while but just thought i would stop in and say Hi.:sFun_nahnahna: Well after years of owning her the wife finally let me take her out to play. Years of playing with the TPRA know matter in what form helped me in ways i could not have imagined in the real world. And heres a little proof.


    Hope all is well guys, sorry cant play anymore sony was sucking to much money from real racing fun so i had to make a choice.

    Thanks for making the TPRA what it is fellas.

    Oh and the name and number on the side door EGGMAN 17 reppin all the way...

    Heres to FLAT OUT OVA CREST, thanks TPRA.
  2. SSRacing69

    SSRacing69 Administrator

    That looks like a blast Eggman!! Glad you're getting the oportunity to go out and do some real world racing. Of course you are always welcome to come back to the sim world in the future.

  3. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    I'm jealous eggman! Looks like great fun! Thanks for sharing! :sHa_thumb2:
  4. Eggman17

    Eggman17 Licensed Racer

    Hey all, just dropping in for another update and to see how you all are doing. TPRA still rocking hard which is great to see. Nice work fellas.

    Well im sitting in 7th for the championship and took 3rd in the last round we had which should push me up to 5th for the season only doing 4 of the 10 races this year with 1 that was canceled due to wildfires. My goal for my first year was to place in the top 5 while still having fun and not breaking the car.

    Our last race weekend actually included some night racing and that was an absolute blast, i placed 2nd in that and i believe that is do in part to racing here with you guys and having to learn the tracks and then memorize them. It was in my head like the mini map as i was going around, it was quite eye opening honestly. We raced the same course during the day runs and putting that to memory allowed me to miss the ruts and potholes enough to not blow a bead (4 BEADS BLOWN THAT NIGHT ON OTHER CARS) but only get a pebble stuck in it. LOL that was a fast and furious PIT work to get me back out but we managed to get her plugged up enough to finish the night.

    So we wake up sunday morning i lean out of the tent to stretch a little and BAM there it is a flat tire. So its sunday morning out in the boondocks and now my COUGAR boys TEAM SKUNKY team mates also have a flat tire. SO now were trying to find to tire shops open on sunday so we can be back on GRID by 10 and no one opens till 9.

    So we split up hoping it would be faster. At this point im going to the tire shop because i think i cracked a valve stem and that that was our actual issue the night before and we just somehow managed to get it to stop. I get down to the tire shop at 830 does anybody arrive early anymore to open, NO of course not. So he shows up at 855 and i jump out of the raptor so fast i think he thought i was gonna rob him cause he back peddled to his car until i popped the tailgate and slid the rim out. LOL

    He gets me all fixed up i throw him a 20 and a big thanks and im racing through town back to camp. Get there throw the tire on and get to grid up on time.

    Well during the parade lap i somehow jerked off enough to get or move or magically produce a PEBBLE stuck between the bead and tire which we could not see at the time while we frantically banged on, kicked, refilled, flattened then refilled again the tire in the pits, It was about a 5 inch leak and what we thought at the time was a cracked bead. Bead breaker has been ordered and the wife now knows why i bought 5 wheels and need my last gravel tire dammit. LOL

    So the DRTE STi goes down for the first time due to tire issues. I of course throw a 6 year old fit cause today is for points and stomp around for a few minutes and walk over to the RAPTOR and go to pull the tailgate down to sit down and think to myself "RAPTOR HMMM", HONEY can i take the truck out if they let me, NO and if you do and it breaks im ubering home without you.

    I of course took that as a YES grabbed my helmet and was gone. Took TCS off locked the rear diff and proceeded to enter the grid.

    Well you have to have special permission to run the big trucks or suv's so i was hoping it was going to be OK, as i slowly proceed through the entrance to the course the event coordinator is about to leave the start line, he looks at me i look at him i think with puppy eyes and he gives me the thumbs UP! IM IN!!!

    I didnt know this at the time but not only did i get to continue and race i was still racing for points and the RAPTOR ate that course up. POTHOLES she pissed in them, RUTS she made them flat. She was even more fun then the subaru. But they say rear wheel drive is much more fun and well it was.

    Well to make a long story even longer i just wanted to say im having a blast and thats due in part to the TPRA. Almost in every other aspect of my life im high strung and cant sit still for the life of me. But when i get behind that wheel and pull up to that line its just like the races you guys HOST, deep breath, everything else slips away and a complete calmness falls over me and the green flag drops and its assholes and elbows from there. LOL

    Im in deep fellas we dropped the car off earlier this week to go complete race car and get her caged up, lightened up, full underbody protection and basically making her stage rally ready for next year. I plan to do the full rallycross season and may hit the nationals in kansas, also plan on doing all Rally Sprints and if all that goes well i hope to be on my first stage rally in August of next year. Look out Travis here comes the Eggman!

    So thanks again guys and MOOSE i want some stickers so i can show some love to the TPRA while im out there.

    Thanks for making the best online racing org fellas.
    Eggman #17 Team Skunky
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  5. SSRacing69

    SSRacing69 Administrator

    Awesome man, looks like a blast! Those Raptor's are sweet. I'd be crapping my pants taking such a nice daily driver out there though. Building up the STi should be a very rewarding experience and give you the peace of mind to know you're still going to be able to get home.
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  6. Eggman17

    Eggman17 Licensed Racer

    So retired TPRA member Eggman17 is now sitting in 1st place for the CRS RallyX Championship series also sitting in 1st for the NorCal Region and sitting in 5th for SoCal with and chance at first and a chance for me to take home all of California in my rookie first full year.

    I have been asked several times and this last weekend really hit home when i was asked by a gentlemen who has spent no less than 6 thousand dollars on instruction and training about where i learned to drive like that and how long it took me. I then told him i have only been doing this a year with NO instruction or training and that everything i have learned came from online gaming. He just couldn't believe it, then i said thats where the name EGGMAN17 comes from and all the years i raced with the TPRA is where i learned control and patience.

    So again thank you TPRA for taking this as serious as you guys do, it has paid of in spades for me and although it was not a lot, the donation i made is a small small price for what can be learned here..

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  7. SSRacing69

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    Fantastic results, particularly for your rookie season!! I love hearing about sim racer's doing well in real world racing. I've always felt that sim racing is an excellent training ground for the real world and stories such as your's help to confirm that. Well done!
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  8. NBA336

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    Congratulations Eggman17. I agree with SS that you do learn a lot in SIM racing that can be applied to the real world. Great video. Cheers.
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