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    One of the hardest cars to tune is the game is the RUF BTR. With the RR set up, this car is very tail happy. With a 40/60 kg balance, it can be a hand full. So here are some tips to tame this beast. First thing you want to do is to get the f/r balance as close to 50/50 as you can. You should start here with all cars. By adding ballast you can achieve this. With no kg reduction, you will hit 49/51. With a stage 3 reduction you will get 50/50. In both cases you will need to add ballast. 200kg is needed.( Move ballast to +50) So after all is said and done, the car will weigh in at 1262kg. With a stage 3 engine kit added, you power to weight ratio will be 2.70kg/hp. Adding a rear wing will help the rear end but a stock car responds well to this tune tips.
    OK, now time to add a few things. Install the LSD and the full race suspencion. Now you are ready to tune. First thing is get rid of the +.20 rear toe. Now the toe settings will be at 0.00 f/r. You need some toe so stat at +0.05 f/r. This seems to be a good starting point.

    CAMBER: Lets look at this setting. This setting sets the amount of tire contact there will be while under acc, braking and turning. With the engine sitting over the the rear wheels, more rear camber will be needed than you will need for the front. I found that a 1.2 front and 1.6 rear worked well.

    RIDE HEIGHT: For this setting you need to know a few things. A low front, high rear setting will reduce under steer ( a push ) A higher front, lower rear setting will reduce over steer ( loose ). So starting at 0 0, what would the best setting be for thi car?
    Depending on the track, a - or + setting is needed. Try a -10 -15 setting.

    SPRINGS: This setting sets the amount of resistance to movement there will be. Some cars will need a stronger front spring while others need a softer front ove the rear spring. Now before you change this setting, take the car out and see how it handles. If you like how it feels, then you are done tuning. If not, then time to tweak. Play with the settings to see how the car changes. My final setting is 7.5 8.0

    DAMPERS: Dampers handle the resistance the car moves up/down. The stock settings work well here but fine tuning will help. Try a 5 5, 4 5 setting.

    ROLL BAR: They effect the side to side movment. Leave them stock untill you have more seat time in the car as this is more of a fine tuning setting.

    LSD: The LSD adjusts how fast the power is transfered to the drive wheels. A lower setting = slower lock up. Start at a 6 10 6 setting.

    You now have a BTR with a tune that will help you master this beast. But a tune alone will not make you a better driver. How you apply the power has a huge effect on how the car handles.

    Good luck and have fun.
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    Thanks, Kart! I will try tuning one and see how I like it. Another car that seems extremely hard to drive is the GT 350R. I seem unable to get mine handling like I want. Would you care to tame this beast?
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    I'll give it a try.
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    Seems that I don't have that car.
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    OK, here is a challenge for you. A BTR at 370hp, 1380kg and on sport soft tires at Indy road. Only mods are Race Suspension and a LSD. Everything eles stock.
    My best time so far: 01:45.092

    BANG_N_OLUFSEN Licensed Racer

    Shelby GT350R (Mustang). I would be happy to send you one.

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