Have you seen a nice car lately

Discussion in 'Driver's Lounge' started by trlwnc, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. trlwnc

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    I thought it might be fun to resurrect this thread here.

    Driving Uber, I have seen a TON of nice cars. I'm pretty sure I saw a new McLaren driving through Asheville, but it was about 8 cars ahead of me in rush hour, and I had to exit before I could get close enough to verify.

    There is someone nearby who has a Cobra. Not sure if it's a replica or not, but it's red and looks nice.

    And all of the other cars out there. From super expensive to super rare to just daily drivers. There are a lot of neat ones around.

    How about in your area?

  2. trlwnc

    trlwnc Licensed Racer

  3. Stephen1300

    Stephen1300 Licensed Racer

    Just upload a file from your computer Trlwnc. Here is a corsair. 800px-Ford_Corsair_Convertible_reg_1967.JPG
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  4. trlwnc

    trlwnc Licensed Racer

    Umm.. my oops. It was a Chevy Corvair. Funny how that one letter changes things, doesn't it? ;)
  5. Stephen1300

    Stephen1300 Licensed Racer

    The Corsair was made by Ford. Intersting car for sure. The Corvair was probably one of the worse car from GM to hit the road ever. But it looked good.
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  6. Stephen1300

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    Did you know they also did a Corvair pickup in 1963 ? c76e129a41_640.jpg
  7. trlwnc

    trlwnc Licensed Racer

    I'm not sure about the pickup, but my family had a Corvair van before I was born. They replaced it with a Ford Econoline in '69.

    I was driving last night downtown, and saw a car on a side street. Due to placement, I suspect it is owned by someone in town.

    It was white with red racing stripes, and a new model Camaro. The side read "Pace Car for the 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis 500". (!!!!)

    Pretty sweet!
  8. trlwnc

    trlwnc Licensed Racer

    I got a dash cam after an incident that put someone in the hospital (long after I left) and the police asked me if I had a video of it. Not a comfortable situation.

    But, I got some cars from around town. I put this up a bit ago, so some may have seen it. I wish I had had this camera when some Fast and Furious cars were in town!

    And then my dash cam died because I plugged it into my computer to download the videos..... I guess I'll look for a better one.....
  9. trlwnc

    trlwnc Licensed Racer

    This morning, I saw an old Datsun 2000! I thought it was an MG at first, but then I got close and was amazed! Blasted camera not being there.....

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