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    What we've been waiting for may actually be happening this week: solid news on Gran Turismo 6.

    In the EU PlayStation Blog, Sony's Fred Dutton writes that Sony has “a busy week in the offing, with some intriguing game announcements planned.”

    Could this be GT6? Could it be another highly-anticipated game such as The Last Guardian? Or maybe something for the upcoming PlayStation 4? Or how about some new Vita games? It could be all or none of the above.

    With E3 little over a month away, could Sony be giving us a sample of the pie to wet our appetites for June? With most insiders convinced that we'll hear concrete news on games like Gran Turismo 6 and the The Last Guardian at E3 next month, an early taste could just be what the Doctor ordered to generate some hype for Sony's Press Conference on June 10 in Los Angeles.

    But for now, we wait. Like the patient fans we've always been.

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