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Discussion in 'Media Center' started by DigitalWolf333, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. DigitalWolf333

    DigitalWolf333 Licensed Racer

    I've made a Casual photo forum!

    I'm an avid photo mode user, and i tend to spend as much time taking photos (well aiming and adjusting before taking really) as i do everything else.

    I Spend a lot of time finding the best composition, exposure, and filter settings. And i hope you do too! :sHa_thumb2:

    I am rather deep in photography my self, but i haven't been into it for a while. This is a great outlet for something i love to do but don't have time (and money) to go out and take photos. Especially of great cars :3.

    Post what ever you want tho, crowning achievement, favorite car, your current avatar, or just some awesome photography!

    But don't do multiple posts for individual pictures. Do 5 minimum pictures per-posting, if you don't post that much then the next time you post an image update that post. I'd like to keep a username list to the posts :D. but it also makes for simpler browsing.

    Also for the sake of varying internet connections, please post only 2 as thumbnails, the rest as links. Or keep the image sizes small.

    Of course, you can also discuss GT photography here as well!And be sure to explain those meaning full shots too!
    Recommended image hosting
    Apparently unlimited bandwidth(no problems here), and has fast loading.

    Can also downscale images.
    Full quality upload
    How to load pictures from GT5-->to your PS3-->To your computer?

    1. Select "Transfer to XMB" on your selected photo in GT5
    2. Copy The photo from your XMB by hitting triangle then selecting copy while a 'Jump drive' is in your ps3.(you can also use a psp like me)
    3. Copy file to your computer then upload to what ever image hosting site you use (one is recommended above).
    4. Post on here with tags.

      [SIZE="5"]Reduced quality upload (ultra fast)
      [*]Set the photo you want to use to "shared"
      [*]Goto this website [URL=""]GT Home[/URL]
      [*]Select the photo you want on the left
      [*]select the 'page' icon
      [*]Save the image when it opens in a new tab/window
      [*][B][COLOR="red"]HOT LINKING IMAGES FROM THE GT5 WEBSITE WILL NOT WORK[/COLOR][/B], use TinyPic , or upload on here.
      Space reserved for future list
      My baby, thisi s during a test run through Laguna Seca, may favorite track and the best for testing because of its variety of turns and height differences. In one of my runs i ended up over-steering a bit , but handled it like a pro and in style.

      S compositions work wonderfully. I'm in fourth place here, but i came out in first. This is a race where i took the car straight to the track and bought nothing for it, not tried tuning anything. It took a few tries, but i eventually got first place in the A-spec race this photo was shot in :).

      Tire check
      I was kinda trying story telling here, but its just kinda cool to me :p
      The overtake
      This one was during the first overtake challenge in license B i think. I felt so badass because instead of just passing, i swerved between the 1st place car, and the 2nd place car and then proceeded to pass on the first try :D.
      Mad Racer
      Driving through the B test was a big thrill, i never expected overtaking cars to be a test but i raced my *** off...i got silver :/.
      Used a Google search for the name, Greek word for cones is konos. And it sounds cool.
      If you've done licensing, you know what this is :D. Totally gold it.
      Rally avatar 1
      Avatar photo :D, not currently using it tho.
      Rally Avatar 2(Silhouette)
      I love this one :D. so mysterious!
      Photography avatar
      Took this after finding a lone photographer near the sun in Toscana, perfect for a silhouette shot. Too bad for polygons :/. but it looks great as an avatar.
      Red sun
      I love Toscana!

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  2. DigitalWolf333

    DigitalWolf333 Licensed Racer

    No one has anything to submit? I was hoping to see your stuff!
  3. clacksman

    clacksman Licensed Racer

    I have taken about three pics with little total effort. If some update includes wheel changes for Standard cars my picture output will increase quite a lot.
  4. Mechs2002

    Mechs2002 Licensed Racer

    NVM. I got some now.

    Me in my Silvia which I race modified.

    Me (Black) and Gar529 (Red)

    I think I did a good job for a complete noob at photography lol.
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  5. Forgetful

    Forgetful Licensed Racer

    Nice shots, Mechs!

    My first tilt-shift shot:

    My first online race, first online win:
    Me in the Roadster, Mopar in the Peugeot.
  6. DigitalWolf333

    DigitalWolf333 Licensed Racer

    I love mechs first photo :D, i think changing the image shape to wide screen might have done it justice.

    For forgetful's first image, its like my old racetrack mat and the toy cars i used to have XD
  7. Mechs2002

    Mechs2002 Licensed Racer

    I love that first one too. It looks even better with higher resolution.
  8. Forgetful

    Forgetful Licensed Racer

    You may have seen this as my Profile pic, in-game. It's amazing in full detail!

    Myself and Mm, duking it out last night at Suzuka East
  9. clacksman

    clacksman Licensed Racer

    7 Dec 2010 - Spot Race hosted by SWERV_GRIFFIN in practice for an Amateur Event on the 8th.

    Up front:
    Gar529 in red
    SpecMiata-JSW in white with orange wheels
    clacksman in matte white with matte pink wheels (wat, son?)
    jpro01 starting 4th in black
    ttourist in dark green

    In group shot, not exactly sure who's who behind me:
    ttourist in dark green
    jpro01 in black
    SSRacing69 in black
    mmacek96 in dark green
    MoparSRT in dark blue
    SWERV_GRIFFIN in dark blue with nice 5-spoke wheels
    DUNTOV3030 in black
    snakegt40 in red
    MiamiPhill in blue
    coldion in silver or maybe white (not sure)

    Too many factory colours and stock wheels, people.

    Damage pics are SpecMiata-JSW who got some grass in the last section and it screwed up his line for 5 or so seconds.






  10. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    I've taken hundreds of photos. Here's merely a few of them:

    Lovely sunset in Alaska.

    SWERV pushed my car over.

    Muscles at Monza


    More Muscle at Monza

    Er, mate, you're going the wrong way.


    My 'best' flame picture so far...




    1940s Wheelie

    Jaguar XJ13


    Pile up! Pile up! Pile up!
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  11. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    Kicking it out
  12. DigitalWolf333

    DigitalWolf333 Licensed Racer

    oh my god yours are so entertaining XD

    wagons sure do know how to wheelie o_O
  13. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    Lol, and that was the AI!
  14. jamrogie

    jamrogie Licensed Racer

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  15. Gar529

    Gar529 Licensed Racer

    My X1s!
  16. DigitalWolf333

    DigitalWolf333 Licensed Racer

    jealousy XD
  17. clacksman

    clacksman Licensed Racer

    Partial gridwalk of division 1 - 12 Dec Amateur event at the Nurburgring GP/D circuit; pics of those with nonstandard cars.

    Gar529 in a Silvia with nice wheels:


    jpro in an NC with nice wheels:


    Urdadsbyfrnd in Gars' NC with nice wheels:


    Yours truly in a 206, stock wheels due to Standard car but that is Windveil Blue:


    desmalta1 in an NC, I think that's Pale Rose Metallic Opal from a Vitz/Yaris but I'm not sure:


    And badaboya in an AW11 Mister 2, possibly stock colour but I ran a blue one of those in a GT4 event so nostalgia trip:

  18. Forgetful

    Forgetful Licensed Racer

    Here's what I would have shown up in


    and this, just 'cause

  19. Impunity (psn: meatbag_)

    Impunity (psn: meatbag_) Licensed Racer

    YAY. ForgetfuI is amazing.

    poser pic.

    one of my favorites, little compares to going 3 wide through the Indianapolis Turn at Circuit De La Sarthe

    well nothing except winning by .003
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  20. Smoothblend

    Smoothblend Licensed Racer

    Very nice pics guys! Keep em coming! Now I need to find a flash drive to get some of mine from the PS3 to the website!

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