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    Thread for everything regarding the next Gran Turismo game releasing in 2016. Public beta in Spring 2016. GT7 is a separate game still on the horizon and has it's own thread.

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    Re: GT7 Information Thread

    The next chapter of the Gran Turismo series has been officially revealed during Sony’s presentation at Paris Games Week today! As early reports indicated, the new PlayStation 4 game will be called “Gran Turismo Sport”, and the previously announced FIA Online Championship will take center stage in the new title.

    Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 2.38.59 PM

    As announced on stage by Kazunori Yamauchi, two versions of the FIA’s official competition will be “running simultaneously throughout the year”. First is the “Nation’s Cup”, where a player will represent his or her country. The second is the “Manufacturer Fan Cup”, where players will drive to represent their favorite car manufacturer.

    Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 2.42.17 PM

    The finalists in each competition will be brought together for an annual “FIA World Final”, and the winners will be awarded “alongside FIA sanctioned race winners in Paris during the Christmas season”, including the Formula 1 World Championship.

    Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 2.43.25 PM

    Kazunori made it clear he has big ambitions with the FIA, as Polyphony Digital is working closely with the FIA to “drive the future of motorsports for the next 100 years”.


    Gran Turismo Sport will be launched as a public beta in “early 2016”, which will presumably be distributed via PSN like other high-profile open betas, such as the recent Star Wars: Battlefront demo.

    Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 3.07.52 PM

    In one last part of the announcement, Kazunori Yamauchi confirmed that Polyphony Digital is working to introduce PlayStation VR support for Gran Turismo Sport. Kazunoroi remarked that in their testing, he has found the experience to be “very natural”.

    We’ll be closely reviewing the trailer above to go over more details that have been revealed – stay tuned! Also, be sure to stop by GTPlanet’s new Gran Turismo Sport forum to chat about today’s announcements with the rest of the community.
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    Re: GT7 Information Thread

    Racing fans, brace yourselves — this evening at the Paris Games Week PlayStation Press Conference, Kazunori Yamauchi, along with SCEE CEO & President Jim Ryan, unveiled on stage the latest Gran Turismo iteration: Gran Turismo Sport, coming to PS4 in 2016.
    On stage, the Polyphony team talked about the advances that PS4 offers to allow them to continue to improve the graphics, physics, and sound to deliver the most realistic driving simulator to date. But with GT Sport they’re looking to deliver more than that; to deliver a revolution in the way that people experience driving games, a figurative “rebirth” of motorsports.
    FIA Gran Turismo Championships
    In Gran Turismo Sport, there will be two FIA online championships running simultaneously. In the Nations Cup, players will be able represent their home country. Whilst in the Manufacturers Cup, players will be driving on behalf of their favorite car manufacturer.
    Players will not only be able to race as drivers themselves, they’ll also be able to root for their home country or their favorite manufacturers teams.
    The winner of the championship will be awarded in the same manner as real life motorsports champions, at the FIA prize giving ceremony. This will be a historic moment, the first time a video game will officially be recognized as part of the real motoring world.
    FIA Partnership
    Working alongside the historic FIA, to develop a game that continues to be more realistic and authentic, the online racing championships promise to offer something new for players.
    But it’s not just about online racing; the GT teams have continued to build on the games legacy of accessibility to ensure that the game is open to all to enjoy.
    With the beta expected to begin in Spring 2016, it won’t be long before players can experience all GT has to offer on the power of PS4.
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    Re: GT7 Information Thread

    Doesn't seem like a proper installment, but that's okay. Graphics don't look as good as I expected but seems this is more like a precursor to GT7. Don't know enough to say for sure and not a lot of information has been released so I don't want to jump to conclusions, but it looks as if this is GT Academy 2.0. Remember the GT Academy/GT6 demo? This seems like a beefed up version of that.

    So they're doing a beta of GT Sport early 2016 then a full release later in the year, but the full game only contains 2 championships? And what keeps people playing who have no chance of winning? Does this delay GT7 to 2017? I'm sure we'll get answers to questions like this soon enough.

    Personally, as of right now and not having played the game - excitement level is not very high. :sCo_chinscratch:
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    Re: GT7 Information Thread

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    Re: GT7/GT Sport Information Thread

    I've been enjoying PCARS an awful lot in the past months. GT has to really steep up big time, this time.
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    Re: GT7/GT Sport Information Thread


    Also, my bad Jimmy; I didn't mean to double post the trailer! :sEm_ImSorry:
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    Re: GT7/GT Sport Information Thread

    More info on GT Sport:

    As you’ve probably heard by now, the next chapter in the GT series – Gran Turismo Sport – was officially unveiled at the Paris Games Show a few hours ago.

    Although there are still a lot of questions about exactly what GT Sport is and how it will fit into the series as a whole, there are a few details we can summarize to help us form an early picture of what we have to look forward to:

    3 Game Modes

    GTPlanet can confirm that GT Sport will include three distinct game modes: “Campaign”, “Sports Mode”, and “Arcade Mode”. This nomenclature is an interesting departure from what we’ve seen in the most recent titles, suggesting the game will take a different route in its overall structure.

    FIA Gran Turismo Online Championship

    The FIA aims to formally ratify the “Gran Turismo Online Championship” at the organization’s next World Motorsport Council meeting. Two championships will be held simultaneously throughout the year: the “Nations Cup” and “Manufacturers Cup”, where players represent either their country or their favorite car manufacturer.

    Once ratified, the FIA will manage the series directly as any of their other franchises, including the World Rally Championship, Formula 1, World Endurance Championship, etc. The winners will be honored at the FIA’s annual prize-giving ceremonies in Paris.

    Live “E-Sports” Events

    The Nations Cup and Manufacturers Cup will have “live” components, presumably similar in form to the regional finals held around the world each year for GT Academy. Polyphony Digital and Sony are actively looking to promote Gran Turismo as an “e-sports” platform to promote virtual motorsports in the future.

    We have also learned that organized “online events” are also planned to be held on a regular basis.

    More Than Just Online Racing

    There has been some concern among players who enjoy offline racing that GT Sport is primarily focused towards online competitions, but that’s likely not the case, according to much of the language used both on the PlayStation Blog and the official website:

    “But it’s not just about online racing; the GT teams have continued to build on the games legacy of accessibility to ensure that the game is open to all to enjoy.”
    — PlayStation Blog

    “The major difference between real life motorsports and ‘Gran Turismo SPORT’ is in the fact that anyone, from children to the elderly, can participate and enjoy racing.

    “Even players who have never played driving games until now can discover how fun it is to drive! Whilst at the same time, it will have the depth and complexity to meet the expectations of the existing Gran Turismo fans.”

    PlayStation VR Support Confirmed

    There’s no doubt about it – Gran Turismo Sport will be fully compatible with the PlayStation VR virtual-reality headset. This will have a profound impact on the gameplay experience, as racing games have long been considered one of the best applications of VR technology.

    “Through the testing that we’ve performed so far, the experience looks to be something that’s very good, and very natural,” Kazunori Yamauchi said during his presentation.

    As of writing, there is no solid release date for the PlayStation VR yet, though it’s currently set for sometime during the “first half of 2016”. It’s likely to be closely tied to the full launch of Gran Turismo Sport.

    Improved Graphics, Physics, & Sounds

    This isn’t much of a surprise, but the physics will reportedly be improved to take advantage of the PS4’s additional processing power. Engine sounds have also been a priority for Polyphony Digital since the launch of Gran Turismo 6, and GTPlanet has learned the company’s new sound engineer Mike Caviezel has been hard at work to change the way the sounds are generated.

    We’ll finally be able to hear his progress when we get our first hands-on look at GT Sport.

    GT Academy 2016 & Vision GT

    We’ve been hearing off-the-record for quite some time that GT Academy 2016 will be hosted on the PlayStation 4, and it appears all but confirmed that GT Sport will be the new platform for Nissan’s annual gamer-to-racer competition.

    Kazunori mentioned both GT Academy and Vision GT during his presentation, discussing how both programs made history in the past, and how Polyphony hopes to continue doing so in the future with GT Sport.

    2016 Launch Date, Public Beta in Spring

    The PlayStation Blog has confirmed the game will launch in 2016, with a “Spring 2016” window for Gran Turismo Sport’s beta. During his presentation in Paris, Kazunori announced that the game will begin open beta testing with “everyone in the game community” starting “early next year”. What does this mean, exactly?

    Since the launch of PlayStation 4, several major titles have public beta versions of their game on the PlayStation Network, including Star Wars: Battlefront and Uncharted 4. They are essentially pre-release demos, which offer an early look at the game.

    Gran Turismo, of course, has a long history of such previews – older fans will no doubt recall Gran Turismo HD which released as a download-only title on the PlayStation 3 back in 2006. It gave us our first look at the Eiger Nordwand circuit along with online leaderboards and a small collection of new cars. There was a similar demo for GT5: Prologue, though it was only released in Japan.

    Is This Gran Turismo 7?

    Is this game going to replace Gran Turismo 7? Is it a “Prologue” by another name? We don’t know yet, but we do know that Gran Turismo Sport appears to be an important new platform which Polyphony Digital is going to build upon over the next few years.

    What’s Next?

    The Gran Turismo events calendar just got a lot more interesting with these unexpected announcements from Paris. Next up is the GT Awards at SEMA in Las Vegas on November 4th, though it is not traditionally used to make major announcements about the game (they did, however, use the opportunity to announce Gran Turismo’s Pikes Peak sponsorship last year).

    The next big event to put on your calendar is the PlayStation Experience 2015, December 5th-6th, which will now almost certainly feature a major blowout of information regarding both Gran Turismo Sport and PlayStation VR. In early 2016, look for the Consumer Electronics Show and the North American International Auto Show to bring the next rounds of hype. We’ll be keeping a close eye on news about the game around the clock.

    As always, stop by GTPlanet’s all new Gran Turismo Sport forum to discuss and debate the latest announcements with other “fans” as we begin an interesting year for Gran Turismo!


    Makes the picture a little clearer but still can't work out if this replacing GT7 or if it's just a Prologue. :sCo_chinscratch:
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    Re: GT7/GT Sport Information Thread

    Gran Turismo Sport is not Gran Turismo 7, More Substantial than Prologue Titles

    Following hot on the heels of everything we currently know about the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport, there is another fact that can be added to that list, one that answers a question many of you have been asking since yesterday’s announcement: Gran Turismo Sport is not Gran Turismo 7.

    Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s president and CEO Jim Ryan confirmed this when speaking with Eurogamer, saying GT7 wasn’t being announced at this stage. However, there’s insistence that GT Sport will be more substantial than the more traditional ‘Prologue’ titles in the franchise that have prefaced the full-featured releases.

    “Fair to say [series director Kazunori Yamauchi] has been making these games for some considerable time now. I think it’s reasonable to assume that something else might come down the road. Is it a Prologue? No, I think it’ll be more than that.

    The old days, when the games were offline, the experience was defined by what’s on the disc. You had a distinction between a Prologue and a full GT, it was very stark. When the game becomes more of an online connected experience, that distinction blurs. This will be much more than a Prologue type experience.”

    There are still many questions surrounding the new title and with the confirmation that GT Sport is not the seventh entry in the franchise, but a standalone effort, one of the more frequent questions can be laid to rest.

    For more on everything we currently know on GT Sport be sure to turn to news that broke shortly after the official reveal, and stay tuned to GTPlanet for more news on Gran Turismo as soon as its available.
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    Re: GT7/GT Sport Information Thread

    Leaked Gran Turismo Concept Art Reveals New Cars, Tracks, & Locations.

    Source: GTPlanet


    Every year, Polyphony Digital hosts an annual Christmas party at their offices in Japan with a wide variety of motorsports and gaming industry celebrities in attendance. This year, however, they spiced things up a bit, using the opportunity to show off what appears to be new concept artwork likely related to next year’s Gran Turismo Sport.


    The new images, which hung on the walls around the office Christmas tree, made their way to social media via Super GT drivers Kohei Hirate and Satoshi Motoyama, and Toyota’s Masashi Honda, who indicated his “expectations for the AI is increasing” on Facebook.



    The “GT” logo is displayed in the top right corner of the prints, and the images appear to be entirely new and unique, indicating they are Polyphony’s own creations. Some speculate they may be composite images, which combine 3D car models with photographs. Regardless, they are striking images which may offer a good indication of what’s to come in GT Sport.


    In addition to the artwork, one of the images shows GT Academy star Lucas Ordoñez driving on the Autopolis circuit in what appears to be a debug version of GT6. Although the track is lacking environmental details, Polyphony’s team has certainly been giving the track some attention.

    Autopolis is a 2.9-mile circuit in southern Japan, near Polyphony’s new headquarters in Fukuoka. It is owned and operated by Kawasaki, and regularly hosts Super GT, Super Formula, MFJ Superbike and Super Taikyu races.

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    Thanks Jimmy! Nice comparison. Nothing out of the ordinary in there but nice to compare nonetheless. :sHa_thumb2:
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    New Nissan GT-R Revealed at NY Auto Show, Video Contains Gran Turismo Clips.


    Can never have enough GT-Rs! :sHa_clap:
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    Gran Turismo Sport on Track for a 2016 Release After All?

    To say things have been a little wild as of late would be to sell the entire scenario short by a considerable margin. Not only are things beginning to heat up with the heavily rumored and all-but-confirmed PlayStation 4K (or is it Neo?), now it may very well appear that Gran Turismo Sport is still on track for a 2016 release window, if a recent revelation is to be believed.

    The upcoming entry in the most successful racing game franchise was first revealed late last year, but since then Polyphony Digital has remained tight-lipped on the first Gran Turismo title set to hit the PS4. A public beta intending to preface the full-featured release was earmarked for an early/spring 2016 time table, but with the summer solstice quickly approaching many have been left with the assumption that the beta period, and by extension Gran Turismo Sport, would no longer meet the intended release window.

    This theory gained steam when French journalist Cyril Drevet recounted his visit to Polyphony’s studios in Japan in early 2016. When asked about the status of the game’s release, Drevet would only comment that the current status was “complicated,” ultimately alluding that GT Sport may slip into releasing in 2017.

    With all of that in mind, this is where things get a little interesting. If the words of Phillipe Cardon, Vice President of Sony Europe are to be believed, Gran Turismo Sport may still release before year’s end. In an interview with French website Challenges, Cardon name-drops GT Sport while referring to the year as another opportunity for software and hardware growth.

    “This will be a better year for the software and a very big year for the hardware. We expect to sell many consoles yet. And then there Uncharted 4: a Thief’s End, the Sony event for this year. This is our biggest release of the year with Gran Turismo and the return of The Last Guardian. And of course, the PlayStation VR arrives.”

    The alternative to this could quite possibly be that while the full release title has slipped into a 2017 release, the beta period was postponed to possibly coincide with the release of the PlayStation 4K. That is, of course, assuming that the refreshed machine touches down later this year. Either way, you can bet all eyes will be on Sony in seven weeks, when E3 opens in Los Angeles – and GTPlanet will be there!
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    Release Date Revealed? Launch Alongside PSVR....

    Source: GTPlanet

    Well after reading that, it looks like that's pretty legit since it's from an official PlayStation website...
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    Gran Turismo Sport Event May 19 & 20 in London, UK: New Trailer, Hands-On Gameplay, FIA Event, and More!

    Only 2 hours from me! Shame I'll be working on the 20th - the day it's open to the public! :sAng_banghead2: Excited for the reveal all the same though! :sHa_biggrin:
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    Here it is: GT Sport gameplay trailer. Releases November 15! Posted 10 minutes ago on Gran Turismo's official YouTube Channel. Around an hour before the live stream starts! Some surprises in here...

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    Live in London right now! Live stream video of the unveiling below:


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