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Discussion in 'GT Resource Center' started by Jimmy1971, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. SSRacing69

    SSRacing69 Administrator

    Sweet!!! All these links in one spot. I've got a friend that is shopping for cockpits and I've been wanting to compare the G27 and Fanetec wheels, this just made my task a lot easier. Thanks.
  2. vkaifh

    vkaifh Licensed Racer

    not sure if this is the right thread to post this in but I'm sure admins will tell me if so.

    After getting a new wheel and a new stand the next thing I have to update is the headset. The iPhone headset I currently use for teamspeak might not cut it for GT5 :tongue:

    Originally I thought I want one for only one ear. Not that I'm deaf on one but the idea was to use the other ear to listening to suspicious noises from the kid's rooms. After checking out the links I might give up on that idea.
    The one thing that caught my eye is the possibility of having separate controls for chat and game volume.
    To make a long story short I'm wondering if I could get a kind of review or recommendation from folks who already have a decent headset. But maybe it is still too early for that as GT5P doesn't have chat functionality.

    Thanks anyway :D

    By the way the link to sharkoon doesn't work.
  3. clacksman

    clacksman Licensed Racer

    I read a few gamer-I-have-played-with reviews of the Turtle Beach PX21s, not much critique outside price. Wally World has them for $90+tax here in Canada, $100+tax elsewhere I've noticed them. Voice chat confirmed for GT5, although obviously noone has heard the quality yet.

    I can tell you from my possibly dead $40 Nexxtech USB headset you want to consider a few things.
    1. Over-ear or on-ear type speakers? The on-ear kind can make your earlobe sore after a few hours, the over-ear kind may not breathe or clear your eyeglass frames.
    2. Pod on cord for volume control? Can snag on something like your keyboard tray as you stand up.
    3. Wireless/wired? Wireless batteries, die and signals can get interfered with. Wired means you're trapped within X distance of the USB outlet, and the cat/dog/kid/significant other will snag it while walking/running past.
    4. Over-head or behind-head support? Over-head is more common, behind-head is harder to find. Behind-head you generally get more spring pressure on the sides of your head/ears to hold it up and on whereas over-head just has to have enough spring pressure to hold it on (but not up).
    5. Adjustable microphone so you don't always have to dodge the mic with your drink/tissue/sandwich hand.
  4. vkaifh

    vkaifh Licensed Racer

    good stuff to think about, clacksman. Thanks a lot.
    I'll use the next weeks to do more research and wait with the purchase until the game is out. I know, I said that with the G27, too. But this time I mean it. Really; trust me. :smile:
  5. pkr_aracer77

    pkr_aracer77 Licensed Racer

    Good info Clacks ! I have a Motorolla H555 and a Logictec for Playstation Bluetooths. For me the Motorolla is WAY more confortable. So far The H555 lasted 6-7 hours during Enduros and I've had it since Xmas 08. I'm hopin they still make batteries for it whenever they decieded to give up. 77
  6. vkaifh

    vkaifh Licensed Racer

    after looking more into headsets I realize that I will end up with another box next to the TV. It bothers me but I can live with it. Reading the manual of the Tritton AX720 (my current favorite) I learned that I have to change the settings in the PS3: Settings > Accessory Settings > Audio Device Settings

    Sharing the PS3 with my kids the one question I have now is how easy I can switch from headset to normal audio through the TV. Do I have to change the PS3 settings back and forth or can I switch between headset and TV by simply unplugging the USB cable?
  7. Maineiac Moose

    Maineiac Moose Administrator

    I have the turtle beach P21,
    This headset has 2 connections one RCA and one USB. It allows me to independently control the game and chat volumes.The RCA connection is connected directly to the TV and the USB is connected to a lap top for TeamSpeak. Some other cool features of this headset include fabric ear pads that keep your ears from sweating. It also samples the ambient noise in the room so you can hear the wife calling as well as your self talking so you don't end up yelling in the middle of the night.:) it has a rather long cord allowing you to get some distance from the tube and the PS3.
    The Mic is completely flexible and will form to any position you could ever require.
    I have had a lot of gaming headsets over the years and this one is the best of the lot. So far...
  8. clacksman

    clacksman Licensed Racer

    On my semi-cheapie unplugging it works to switch. Also plugging it back in makes it work, I only had to go into XMB settings to set it up once.
    The only problem (a serious one at that) I had using mine on PS3 is feedback from the headset audio into the mic being nearly constant in PS Home and frequent in Red Dead Redemption online. Using TV audio with headset on just for mic was the solution to that, although the earpieces on mine are the on-ear type and therefore not 'insulated' at all really.
  9. clacksman

    clacksman Licensed Racer

  10. vkaifh

    vkaifh Licensed Racer

    hmm, looks like it has a lot of the features I'm looking for: being able to hear wife and kids, long cord and no additional box. And I would safe money compared to the AX720 or DPX21. And the Dolby digital surround sound thing isn't high on my priority list.
    Thanks for the info, Maineiac Moose

    Anyone who could convince me spending more money to get Dolby surround sound?
  11. clacksman

    clacksman Licensed Racer

    The dpx21 over px21 price differential is about half what you would spend on just a cheap-tier surround-sound-in-a-box setup.

    Side note: I've been looking for a cheap-tier surround-sound-in-a-box setup but there's approximately nothing available at the stores I have locally without a gratuitous (and unnecessary due to PS3) DVD player in the box. Also I don't care for bass so total wattage and big subwoofer do nothing for me. The week I bought my TV (boxing week '08) one such setup was just coming off sale the previous week and I decided to not spend the $140 ($30 over sale price) right then figuring they'd be cheaper in a few months. SO I might just spring for the dpx21 if I see one in a store shortly, if not then px21 basically.
  12. clacksman

    clacksman Licensed Racer

  13. oldboy1943

    oldboy1943 Licensed Racer

    Clacksman, I have a question for you. Don't khow if it is the right place to post it, so here it goes.
    If I get the PS3 with the Ear Force PX21, what do I need extra to be able to voice chat while racing online with you?
    Going to get my PS3 today, no more waiting for GT5 to come out!
  14. clacksman

    clacksman Licensed Racer

    For in-game chat in GT5 (and other current PS3 games which support in-game voice), that'll do fine.
    For TeamSpeak (what some of us use now as GT5P does not support in-game voice, you can see who's on in the Viewer on the right panel of the forum frontpage) you need a PC/Mac with internet access at the same time as your PS3 (ie: use a router or a multiport modem).
  15. clacksman

    clacksman Licensed Racer

  16. jpro01

    jpro01 Licensed Racer

    Those look good, Im concerned about effect of those on my ears ( healthwise ) comparing to standard surround system.
  17. clacksman

    clacksman Licensed Racer

    Eh, don't crank 'em?
  18. jpro01

    jpro01 Licensed Racer

    Ok, I get it. This is not healt forum.

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