GT Academy 2014

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by calvins48, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. NBA336

    NBA336 Licensed Racer

    Wow,that's huge news. Thanks Calving
  2. nuTTTz

    nuTTTz Administrator Staff Member

    Ok Monster, time to take a swing. :)
  3. SSRacing69

    SSRacing69 Administrator

    Finally!! That's great news for our Canadian brothers. The lawyers must have been working over time to pull that off, I've heard Canadian gaming laws are complex.
  4. Peyepete

    Peyepete Licensed Racer

    Its Quebec laws that were restricting Canada from being included in previous years. Sony / PD have included Canada this year, but Quebec residents are excluded.
  5. Monster-Energy71

    Monster-Energy71 Licensed Racer

    Well... this is AWESOME.

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  6. DCPLR434

    DCPLR434 Licensed Racer

  7. DUNTOV3030

    DUNTOV3030 Licensed Racer

    I think that's Canook for "Oh My God"... :sHa_biggrin:
  8. DUNTOV3030

    DUNTOV3030 Licensed Racer

    Great news...for most of Canada! What could possibly be written into Quebec law that would prevent this? Too bad...
  9. NBA336

    NBA336 Licensed Racer

    The problem was the tax laws are written in French and Sony couldn't interpret them!!!! :) :) :)
  10. DUNTOV3030

    DUNTOV3030 Licensed Racer

    Friggin taxes!:sAng_angry4:
  11. Blackyk

    Blackyk Licensed Racer

    I'm reeling in WindFire! As of last night, I was a hair faster out of Eau Rouge, but I keep stepping the back wheels out in Les Combes and others and he creeps away. I think the trick is to stay a gear higher (usually 4th) to keep the outside wheel from spinning.
  12. MiamiPhill

    MiamiPhill TPRA Staff

    Did a 2:19 last night and got my car, I think I could manage a high but not much more.
  13. Monster-Energy71

    Monster-Energy71 Licensed Racer

    So far two TPRA Members are in the good to go:

    MSGT-SD- 2:15.675 (6th USA)

    Monster-Energy71- 2:15.446 (3rd Canada, 5th USA)
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  14. Blackyk

    Blackyk Licensed Racer

    Nice job guys! But amongst my circle of TPRA guys in the US "region" that I'm in, Northeast if anything, there's some time to be made up in the first sector. After turn one, I'm always in the middle/rear of the pack and going through Eau Rouge 3/10 times I'll be ahead of Windfire at S1 timing. Then I promptly lose a bunch of time through Les Combes and a little bit exiting Bruxelles (Turn 10, 180 degree) Sector 3 is pretty good except the chicane, that's just a rolling car accident for me... Keep up the good work guys!

  15. jkmayol

    jkmayol Licensed Racer

    That is pretty frikin' awesome! GO get 'em!
  16. nuTTTz

    nuTTTz Administrator Staff Member

    TPRA has been proudly represented in previous GTA, and this one looks to be no different.

    Good luck guys. :)
  17. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    Another GT Academy, another slew of TPRA members in with a shout. Love it! :sHa_biggrin:
  18. rmk700

    rmk700 Licensed Racer

    Remember forgetful? He's down to 2:15.4. That's impressive!
  19. Jimmy1971

    Jimmy1971 Administrator Staff Member

    I saw that this morning. I'm really hoping that him and Monster find a couple more tenths so they can make it in.

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