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  1. vkaifh

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    EDIT after GT5 2.01 came out:
    GT5 2.01 finally fixed all issues and the button mapping works now perfectly :sHa_thumb2::sHa_clap::sHa_thumb2:

    the rest of this post can be ignored, but I left it here for historical purpose:

    I did some experimenting with my G27:
    most important it is pretty much plug and play and the most important stuff works
    • paddle shifters work
    • h-shifter works
    • clutch works; just use it and it is activated. Deactivate by using the paddle shifters
    • clutch doesn't work on cars that don't have a clutch (example Daihatsu OFC-1 Concept '07) - thanks for the update, clacksman

    however here is what doesn't work:
    I can't remap the buttons; I defaulted the DFP 1 and 2 and then changed all L and R buttons to 'Change View'; no success it all stayed what it is defaulted to

    I'm willing to update this first post; please let me know if you find out how to remap the buttons of the G27 or anything else interesting.

    This is for G27; G25 owners please don't respond. It is my understanding that the remapping works just fine for the G25.

    EDIT after GT5 2.0 came out:
    GT5 2.0 finally added the G27 to the list of supported wheels :sHa_thumb2:

    the button mapping works now

    one minor clitch to be aware of:
    the upper right button on the steering wheel is interchanged with the right red round button on the shifter pad.
    So if you want to configure the upper right button on the wheel you have to set up the right red round button and vice versa.
    The same interchange is on the left side as well.

    All other buttons seem to work correctly.

    for a few more details see post #22 in this thread
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  2. clacksman

    clacksman Licensed Racer

    Clutch not working for some cars may be that car not actually having a clutch - 5P worked like this.
  3. vkaifh

    vkaifh Licensed Racer

    LOL. I bet that's it. Thanks clacksman :sHa_thumb2:
  4. Sancho_Pwnza77

    Sancho_Pwnza77 Licensed Racer

    I can't start my own thread yet so I am replying here. :)

    There isn't a wheel to be had anywhere in the friggin US. I have tried looking for the Driving Force, the G25 and the G27 and can only find people who want to #@%^# me on the price, or people who are selling their used wheels (which I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole consider how finicky they already are). Now ain't this a *****.

    If anyone knows of a reasonably priced DF GT, 25 or 27, please let me know.

  5. RackAttack

    RackAttack Licensed Racer

    DF GTs are $150 new on Amazon, with free shipping.
    G27s are $300 at NewEgg (and most places) with $19 shipping, currently out of stock.

    If you're not willing to buy used, then those are the prices you're probably going to have to pay.
  6. Forgetful

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  7. Wallhugger60

    Wallhugger60 Licensed Racer

    G27 on Amazon $299.00 free shipping on Back Order till mid March to mid April. Not really that long to wait unless yer like me :sAng_angry4:

  8. pkr_aracer77

    pkr_aracer77 Licensed Racer

    Did ya consider refirbished? I'm sorry I do not recall who offered them, but I have heard some of the guys here say G25/7's are available refurb with a decent warranty. It MIGHT even been Logictech.
    Maybe someone will chime in. 77
  9. RackAttack

    RackAttack Licensed Racer

    I don't htink you have to be too scared of eBay. I got my barely used g25 on eBay for ~$200 a few years ago, similar to something like this listing. IMO, as long as the person has a decent amount of positive feedback, it's usually a safe bet.
  10. Forgetful

    Forgetful Licensed Racer

    If there are any other Gwheel owners out there who are thinking Fanatec, you can use your pedals with a $40 adaptor they sell.

    I think I will be ordering the wheel and adaptor soon, and a set of clubsport pedals down the line.
  11. jpro01

    jpro01 Licensed Racer

    Gt2 comes with adapter cable for g25/g27 pedals and aluminum shifter paddles for $249
  12. Forgetful

    Forgetful Licensed Racer

  13. DPTurbo29

    DPTurbo29 Licensed Racer

    Does anyone know what the difference is between the Fanatec 911 GT3 RS V2 and the GT2 other than the alcantara. It's about $70 cheaper and currently available. The specs seem to line up evenly.

    If I had the money I think I'd go with the GT3 RS and the Clubsport pedals (Wish List). Alas, I don't. Back to the DS3 for now.
  14. Sancho_Pwnza77

    Sancho_Pwnza77 Licensed Racer

    @DPTurbo29. I was looking at that yesterday and I came away thinking that the reason it is cheaper is that you don't get pedals with that. Nor fries. lol. But I am not totally sure.

    I opted to get the Logitech Driving Force GT for now. It's currently available and I did get it from Amazon. Thanks to the person who suggested it. And I got a cheesy stand for it that cost $32. It's a work stand carried by Home Depot but I guess a few people have been hooking their wheels onto it and it seems to work OK. I'll give this entry level setup a go for a while and see what happens. If I still have a #$%@-on for sim racing, I'll upgrade later this year and put my Logitech DFGT on ebay for sale. LOL

    Thanks everyone who suggested places for me to buy the equipment.

  15. Forgetful

    Forgetful Licensed Racer

    Here's the ISR preview of the GT2. Those prices and packages aren't current.


    Here's the GT5 preview, where they use the GT2

  16. vkaifh

    vkaifh Licensed Racer

    I'm kind of getting excited about the GT5 update next Friday. Could it be that we get enough support for G27 to configure our buttons? Certainly the first thing I try out after installing the update.
  17. Sancho_Pwnza77

    Sancho_Pwnza77 Licensed Racer

    On the saga of wheel unavailability, it appears that though Amazon.com says they have the Driving Force GT (right now it says they have 7 new in stock), they won't ship it until sometime in March. To me, that's not having any in stock particularly since amazon.com is so good about getting stuff shipped quickly. I cancelled my order. On a good note, sony.com has them and with free shipping. So I ordered one from them.

    On a different note, I just had a humongous AHA moment. I just now, after playing GT-5 for a month or so, realized that upgrading the car and getting the racing modification are two different things... OMG. NO ^&#$ing WONDER I COULND'T WIN THE INDY "LIKE THE WIND" with my ZR-1. I do kinda feel proud of myself, however, for having beaten (handily) the Daytona Like the Wind with my ZR-1 without racing mod and using the sixaxis controller. Thank you, thank you very much.

    On a different note (see, I have to interject off topic questions like this since I cannot start my own thread, and since I have NO ONE I can go to for n00b questions other than this forum. Other forums seem to be filled with snot nosed kids that will body slam you if you post a stupid question like is there a difference between racing modifications and upgrades?), have any of you discussed the overhaul and restiffening options for cars? Are they really necessary and when should a person consider it? As soon as it says you can? It's a lot of credits to overhaul and restiffen some cars, seems like one should take care to do it only when it's actually needed.

  18. jamrogie

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  19. vkaifh

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    update 1.06 has a lot of goodies but looks like nothing for G27. Just tried to map buttons using DFP with no luck :sAng_banghead2::sSig_ohwell:
  20. RickS95

    RickS95 Licensed Racer

    I feel your pain. I'm just thankful I got mine on sale and didn't drop the kind of cash a lot of others did for this bastard wheel. It's still a good wheel, but not exactly what I was expecting.

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