G25 brake and shifter modifications

Discussion in 'GT Resource Center' started by desmalta1, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. desmalta1

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    I just got finished with the shifter modifications for the G25 shifter. It increases the spring strength making the shifter have a much firmer shift and it holds in the gear much better. The other mod adds an o-ring to the shifter handle which gives a much firmer feel when pushing down into reverse. This one only costs for the o-ring, the spacer needed can surely be found around your garage or work bench. It's a little tricky getting the spring and ball bearing back in but you should be able to do this in an hour or less. Here's the video for the shifter:


    I did the brake mos about a year ago, it installs a rubber spacer inside of the brake spring reducing travel and giving a much firmer feel to the brakes. You can find them at Nixim:


    The brake mod makes a huge difference, I'll find out about the shifter this Saturday but just practicing it is awesome.
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    Awesome videos man. Very professional. What did you use to make the video (software)?
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    Thanks for the compliment but the video isn't mine. I found it online searching for mods to do and this one was the best at showing how it is done. My thing is still photography. You can check me out at :


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