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    I have been doing some work on some Firefox Personas. For those who don't know what Firefox personas are, They are a part of the Firefox browser theme system. The Personas are a sub theme that applies to the toolbar alone by placing an image of the users choosing into the toolbar and can be used independently or in conjunction with full FF themes and are free to Firefox web browser users

    Here are the first of the hopefully many Gran Turismo personas I have created now available from Firefox Personas.

    [​IMG] - Gran Turismo Cappuccino

    [​IMG] - Gran Turismo Cappuccino_2

    [​IMG] - Gran Turismo Will VS

    [​IMG] - Gran Turismo Duel_tall

    [​IMG] - Gran Turismo Duel_short

    [​IMG] - Gran Turismo first turn at Monaco

    [​IMG] - Gran Turismo GT Academy 2011

    BANG_N_OLUFSEN Licensed Racer

    Sweet work!! I believe I will add one when I get home!
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    Done and Done ^_^

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