'ekrainey' WINS TRC WEEK 3!

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    Does lightning strike the same place twice? With ekrainey, there's always a storm brewing as he took yet another victory last night in the Totally Random Championship (TRC)!

    To add to his countless other series wins and race wins, ekrainey pulled it off again by achieving 46 points out of a possible 49, winning races 1 and 4 on the night. His skills were unmatched on the night but racers like hey6541 and newcomer rider2008 tried their best, winning races 2 and 3 respectively. However, ekrainey still finished on the podium in both those races!

    Newcomer rider2008 has done very well since his debut at the TPRA in the TRC, finishing a solid fifth place overall last week and topping that with a second place overall last night.

    ekrainey won the night overall, with the aforementioned rider2008 trailing him in second place by just 7 points, and hey6541 in third place, just 9 points behind the leader. It's always close on points in the TRC and last night was no exception!

    Twin Ring Motegi played host to last night's frivolities and it was all about the all wheel drive. 4by4byfar as Land Rover would say. The Evos, the Audis and the Skylines roared off the line and sped off into the distance, leaving the rear-wheel-drive cars pretty much in the dust. The only car that could really keep up with all the four-wheel-drive ferociousness was the Porsche Boxster, sorry RUF 3400S. It even took ekrainey to a race victory in race 4.

    Congratulations once again to ekrainey, who by the way, took the honor of also beating his son akrainey. The inter-family rivalry will likely continue next week at the Nurburgring!

    Yes, next week is the Nurburgring Nordschleife 24hr challenge! Four 1-lap races to determine who can truly master The Green Hell! We look forward to seeing you next week! Remember, in the TRC, anybody has a chance to win - it's your car that defines your experience.

    Thanks again to all those that came out for the fun, close and competitive racing last night! We'll see you next Sunday, 6pm Eastern at the 'Ring!

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