E3 2012

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    The world's largest gaming show returns for another year!

    There'll be no GT5 or GT6 news but the event still promises to reveal exciting news regarding Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo as well as all of this and next year's new games.
    Many have been speculating if Sony and Microsoft will reveal their next-generation consoles at this year's show. Both have denied the rumours and say that there'll be no news or reveal of their next-generation machines. However, they could be bluffing since Nintendo will be revealing more information regarding their next-generation console the 'Wii-U' during their press conference.
    Sony say they will reveal more information regarding the re-boot of their subscription service 'PlayStation Plus' including support for their newly released handheld gaming console, the 'PlayStation Vita'. I'm hoping they announce a Vita price drop because in my opinion, that thing is way overpriced at the moment!

    E3 officially starts today at 9:30am PT with Microsoft's Press Conference. Convert it to your local time here!

    You can watch it and all of the other press conferences LIVE and completely free right here!

    Visit the official E3 2012 website for more information! :)

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