Driver Aids - How do assists affect your sim experience

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by Dyemonic, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Dyemonic

    Dyemonic Licensed Racer

    As we are all aware of, the GT games now come with a variety of aids (traction/launch control, ABS, skid force, etc...). Some of these, with no doubt, take away from the sim experience, but what I want to focus on are traction control and ABS.

    I often hear people say that to get the most out of your sim experience, you should turn off TC and ABS. I'm a bit biased being that I love electronic controls, but I think these aids sometimes add to the sim experience. How many of the modern cars in the game do you think come without those two in real world production? Perhaps some, but a good portion will definitely have them. Even some of the racing cars come with one or both of these aids. Many aftermarket ECUs even come with traction control capabilities, making it possible to aid TC to any car in the real world (for some of these it would mean converting to an EFI system).

    With that being said, I personally drive with TC set between 1 and 3 (I adjust it to the car) because it still allows me to get some throttle induced oversteer, but still provides a slight aid exiting corners. For cars that likely do not have an TC on them in the real world, I will turn TC completely off to match the driving experience. The same goes with ABS but I keep that on 1 for all cars that are likely to have an ABS system.

    So I want to start a discussion and see everyone's opinion on these aids. Do you feel these benefits take away from the sim experience, do you use them, or do you leave them off to perhaps make you a better driver (more throttle control)?
  2. DCPLR434

    DCPLR434 Licensed Racer

    I use abs setting of 1 on every car, my brake pedal isn't force feedback, and finding the balance of locked up front brakes is more then I choose to deal with. Tc i set per car based on how it feels, and often use the setting to balanc tire ware.
  3. Maineiac Moose

    Maineiac Moose Administrator

    I too use the ABS to help with the lack of input from the peddle. I do not use traction control because I steer with that peddle and need it to respond instantly.
  4. THE_KART96

    THE_KART96 TPRA Staff

    For me, ABS is set to 1, all other aids are turned off. BUT on some high hp cars, I have set TC to 2. Heck, they use it in real life racing. (If rules allow it)
  5. Blackyk

    Blackyk Licensed Racer

    I keep ABS at 1. Mostly because that is the last thing I tune for. As for traction control, I usually keep it between 0 and 2. I have a near-maxed out BRZ that I have TC at 0 because A) it doesn't make the tower of power to overwhelm the rear tires, and B) my suspension/LSD setup for that car is just a dream. I really love to drive that car. But then I use the C7 15th Anniversary Corvette a lot, and also have a dynamite suspension/LSD setup and still can get the rears to light up with TC set to 2. Most of my AWD cars are set to 0 with the intention of a bit of LSD-controlled power-based oversteer on exit. When I was actively racing here, I would use more TC and ABS as a last second crutch to preserve tire wear as well, but both of those ate into the lap times.
  6. mesder13

    mesder13 Licensed Racer

    When i'm playing casually, in single player and most online rooms, I have TC and ABS at 0 for every car. However, when I do more serious things like the seasonal time trials and competitive online races I usually have ABS at 1 with TC off. I just want my foot to immediately translate to what the car is doing, but having ABS on 1 helps with lap times and tire wear.

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