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    To better simulate professional racing we've developed a Caution Flag Procedure for Gran Turismo 6 that can be operated by race participants, with or without an off-track spectating race official, as well as with or without a dedicated Safety Car.

    • The goal of the caution procedure is to minimize the risk damaged and limping cars present to other racers, to reduce but not eliminate the negative effects of suffering damage, to simulate situations in which the track would be effected by debris and stranded cars, and to introduce the regrouping of the field under yellow.
    • Each room will require a dedicated 'Race Official' with voice chat capability to operate the caution flag procedures. This can be the room host, the safety car driver or any racer with voice chat, or a volunteer spectator.
    Deployment of the Safety Car:
    • A caution can be requested by any driver whose car has damage that causes a severe limping situation, or is blocking the track in a manner that is difficult to rectify.
    • A driver requesting a caution, will call out or type in the text chat 'YELLOW'. The race is not yet under caution, but drivers should be alert for dangerous situations ahead.
    • Once a driver has asked for a yellow the host will verify that there is enough time or laps, then call 'Caution, Caution, Caution' clearly across the voice chat. The race is then under caution flag conditions and control of the Race Official.
    • When a caution is called the safety car will be deployed, if no safety car is present the the Race Official will tell the leader to assume the role of the safety car immediately.
    • The safety car will pace the field at 70 mph / 113 km/h. If there is a dedicated safety car it will immediately wave by drivers until it picks up the race leader.
    • As soon as caution is called passing is prohibited, drivers must reduce their pace slightly until they catch the pace group, and be alert for damaged cars on track.
    • Once drivers have joined the pace group they must maintain a reasonable following distance between 5-10 car lengths in single file behind the safety car, keeping to the left side of the track on straights.
    • Weaving and aggressive braking behind the safety car is prohibited.
    • Passing other cars is prohibited during a caution, except for cars that are stopped, off track or not maintaining position within the pace group.
    • Passing the safety car is not allowed unless waved by.
    • Cars deliberately dropping out of the pace group will keep to the right and the pace group will pass on the left.
    • Cautions can not be called within 3 laps of the end of the race.
    Closed Pits & Emergency Service:
    • The pits are immediately closed when the race comes under caution.
    • Drivers can enter closed pits for 'Emergency Service', for any reason.
    • Drivers in a severe limp situation and those who called for the yellow must pit for emergency service.
    • As a penalty for taking emergency service drivers will perform a stop and go pit penalty, to be served at the end of the last lap .under caution, as the race returns to green flag conditions.
    Open Pits:
    • The Race Official will call the pit lane open after damaged cars have cleared their emergency service pit stops.
    • All drivers may pit in open pits, including those that took emergency service.
    Returning to Green Flag Racing:
    • The safety car will be recalled one lap after the pits are called open.
    • The safety car will pull to the side of the track in a safe place before the final series of corners, the field is then under the control of the leader for a rolling start.
    • Drivers who took emergency service will enter the pits to serve their stop and go penalty.
    • On the approach to the restart drivers must maintain less than 5 car lengths to the car ahead.
    • No passing or overlap is allowed until the car crosses the start finish line.
    • The leader can choose to accelerate at any time between the exit of the last corner and the start finish line.
    • Drivers must follow through with their initial acceleration, unless to avoid incident, overlap or passing. A driver may not break acceleration on a restart for the purpose of gamesmanship.
    • Drivers that do not reasonably react to the acceleration of the driver in front of them can be passed before the start finish line.

    Race Official Script:

    When a driver asks for a yellow confirm that there are enough laps remaining:
    • Pits are closed, except for emergency service.
    • Those limping and who called for the yellow must take emergency service.

    After the emergency service stop are complete:
    • Pit are open to all drivers this lap (repeat as the safety car approaches pit entrance).
    After the open pit stops are complete:
    • Safety car in this lap.
    • Those who took emergency service must pit for their penalty.
    • The leader can go between the final corner and start finish.
    • No passing before the start finish.
    • Repeat as pace group approaches the final series of corners.
    As the leader accelerates towards the start finish line:

    If it seems a lot to take in, don't stress. Just follow instructions from the race official on the voice channel. Don't pass anybody that's not limping, and hustle safely around to join the pace car train. Don't pit unless pits have been called open, unless it's a damage or fuel emergency (and remember that if you do that you'll have to pit again for to serve a penalty when the race goes green).

    Here's the TL;DR version of the procedure:
    • Anyone can call for a yellow for a car that is limping, or for a car that is in a vulnerable position and difficult to clear.
    • Either the safety car is deployed and picks up the leader, or the leader assumes the role of the safety car.
    • The safety car or leader will pace the field at 70mph/113kmh
    • Pits are closed, but anyone can take emergency service.
    • Those involved in the yellow must take emergency service.
    • All those who take emergency service must pit for a stop and go as the race goes green.
    • The pits are called open after emergency service has finished.
    • The safety car will leave the track one lap after opening the pits.
    • The leader may accelerate towards the green flag anywhere between the final corner and the start finish line. No pasing or overlap is allowed until the start finish line.
    • With 3 laps to go cautions can not be called to prevent races from ending under caution.
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    Definitely sounds like something that would add a lot to these races, most games can't properly replicate yellow flags/cautions.

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