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Discussion in 'Project CARS 1' started by DarkLegions, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. DarkLegions

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    Have people played career mode and when they go to pit have to wait for a "safe release" The first two races ive done this has happened to me and the first one i can understand because my pit was in the back but the 2nd time my pit was the closest to the exit. I was the first one of the line to enter the pits, went all the way to the end, changed tires, no fuel, and i find myself waiting as two cars pass me... shouldnt be possible :/
  2. SSRacing69

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    Sorry Dark, I can't help with this question as I've only recently started Career (on tier 1 at 50% length) so I haven't had to do any pit stops. I'm interested in what others might have experienced though. If we put together a TPRA endurance racing team we will surely want to be as efficient as possible in the pits. Knowing what kind of glitches could come up and how to avoid them will be valuable.
  3. MiamiPhill

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    Humm, that's a strange one, only thing I can think of is you had damage you were unaware of and they fixed it during the's not always obvious when they are doing it, but makes the stop longer.

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