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Discussion in 'Tuning General' started by Wallhugger60, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Wallhugger60

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    This is just a little tidbit to maybe help get a visual. A large part of my job includes driving, and since joining the TPRA I find myself looking at things I didn't really notice before. One of those things is camber I see on street cars. I see that a lot of "sports" cars like the Beamers have actually quite a bit on the rears so I wanted to see where that came in by degrees. I took a simple protractor head and stuck it on my combination machinist square to do this. I found that 1 degree is approx. 1/4 of an inch or 11 mm. over 12 inches or 304 mm. So you can figure that top to bottom of an average tire is around 24 inches or 600 mm total. So if you put a straight edge against the bottom of the tire and measured the space at the top you would see approx. 1/2 an inch or 12-13 mm. The cars I see on the road look like they've got more than that, but I haven't really been able to measure one up close. Be my luck the owner would come out and shoot me for messin with his car lol.

    Like I said though, this is just to give ya a visual when you think of camber angles and such. It's just a standard dimension that'll work with whatever you are looking at.

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  3. HWKII

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    There's nothing wrong with a car that converts to a Motorcycle in the corners...
  4. HyperKat

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    Wuz dat about beamers?
  5. Wallhugger60

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    Lol, the reason I used Beamers for an example is they seem to have a lot on the rear tires from the factory, especially the Z3's and 4's that I see. It's funny too that the fronts have almost none.

    Nice picture Clacks lol, I'd say that's closer to 2 degrees lol.
  6. MiamiPhill

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    Sports package cars like my 535i have more obvious camber than the standard models. Sport & M models tend to have staggered wheels (rear wider than front) and the camber is easier to spot.
  7. desmalta1

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    I'd like to know how much the old Beetle's had, their rear tires looked like there was something wrong. Oh, might have been.
  8. clacksman

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    About zero at correct ride height, but they were swing axle type rear suspension so camber changed a lot with travel (or low springs).
  9. Blackyk

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    I've seen some slammed older (for some reason) Jettas and Golfs that have nasty camber. I bet they only get 10k miles out of those $1000 sets of tires ... idiots.
  10. ST8OMND

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    HA! I have one of those golfs! But its never run long enough to wear out a set of tires! I also had a 96' A4, that had a bunch of susp. work done to it, It had staggered wheels, and about 2.5/3 degrees camber. It had BF Goodrich scorcher t/a, around 19" wide (245f/255r). UNBELIEVABLE grip, but the tires were threadbare within 3 months, or about 4000 kms.

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