Best way to start GT Sport or should I?

Discussion in 'PSN GT General' started by SnakeEyes427, Jan 14, 2018.

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    With the axe falling on GT6 online I'm thinking of finally getting everything I would need to run Sport. But, is it worth it? I see alot of posts on PSN about having to unlock things in game with millage points and what not. That seems like work. And how much of that do I need to race here with you guys and have fun? Coming back to TPRA is really the only reason I have for getting Sport. I miss it. Also, the online and VR has to be downloaded after you instill the game? What BS is this. Seems almost EA like. Or do I have my facts wrong. That happens and I don't have a PS4 or the game to check them with.
    And that's why I'm here. I only have the funds to run one hobby. There are no RC offroad tracks by me so to race I would need to buy a new onroad car and everything that goes with it. But, I never have to worry about a sever being shut down making the car useless. Or, a PS4 Pro(used is fine for that I would think), GT sport (Disk or Download?) and, wheel.
    Ultimately, about the same price. Unless PSN cost money now? What is this online and season pass stuff all about? I know it isn't for GT (yet) but still. RC maybe a bit cheaper having some of the support equipment already in hand. It is subject to weather however. So, convince me why I should go out and spend money to get back in too GT. I don't want to dump money in to a video game just to have them change everything a year from now and be in the same boat. I ask here because there is no way to get a fair answer on PSN. Not even MasterGT could get away with telling the truth there.

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    Good to see you back SnakeEyes. For me there is no better form of racing than sim because I have such limited time. There will be a few minor hassle's but it is still worth it for sure. I've found that GT Sport is a great place for intense competition. It is very limited in other areas by comparison to GT's of the past. If you want large numbers of car's and track's then Pcars 2 might be a better choice. GT has gone in a new direction with Sport but I love the challenge it provides. Cost's have gone up for the equipment that you will need but it is still only a fraction of what it takes for other forms of racing. I do think you have to have a PS plus account to go racing online but it's only about 60 bucks for a year. There are devices available that will let older wheels that are not compatible with the PS4 work so that could save you a little money.
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    It's good to hear from you Jessica, hope all is well with you.

    As for your questions,

    You do have to reach a Level 30 I believe to unlock everything in Arcade mode. This is not hard to do. Just by completing all of the Campaign Mode you can almost reach that.

    I don't think you have to do anything in order to race in Online Lobbies, apart from having PS+ as SS mentioned. To race in the Sport Mode you need to watch 2 short videos.

    Nope, it's all in the game. The VR part of the game is limited. You against 1 AI in Arcade mode.

    You earn a car every day just by driving 26.2 miles, plus you get a number of cars by completing the Campaign Mode.

    If you have a PS3 wheel it will work on the PS4 using a Drive Hub. Take a look at this thread at the Planet for more info,

    At the moment there isn't much for organized events here. I hosted a couple when the game came out, but alot of people seem to be doing the FIA races instead.

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