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    Fifteen years on from the launch of the original Gran Turismo®, the latest iteration, Gran Turismo®6, is set for release on 6 December. But while you look forward to the new features, cars, tracks and technology of GT6™, why not take a moment to reflect on Gran Turismo’s history and tell us your #BestOfGT moment so far.

    The Real Driving Simulator was born back in 1998. The original Gran Turismo® for PlayStation® was the start of the most successful series in PlayStation history; one that would redefine the driving genre with ultra-realistic graphics and handling. Each subsequent version of the game improved on the last, with Gran Turismo®2 building on the core gameplay of the original and Gran Turismo®3 reaching new heights of realism when it was released in 2001 for PlayStation®2. Never afraid to try something new, Gran Turismo®4 included a B-Spec game mode which allowed players to move away from the driving seat and into the role of race manager, while a new social world was opened up when racing moved online with the Gran Turismo®5 Prologue on PlayStation®3. The full Gran Turismo®5 game in 2010 brought with it not only hundreds more cars, but enhanced 3D graphics and a brand new game engine, so it looked and handled better than ever.

    With so much gaming heritage, every Gran Turismo fan has their own favourite car, track and memory. Maybe it was the perfect lap in your favourite supercar back on GT2™, your first online win in GT5™ Prologue, or the online race overtaking manoeuvre you pulled off with such flair last year that you still tell your friends about. Join us on Facebook and Twitter to share your #BestOfGT moment and perhaps you’ll feature in our upcoming ‘Best of’ video!

    Meanwhile, GT6 is poised to create a whole new set of ‘Best of Gran Turismo’ memories. With a new physics model, improved aerodynamics, suspension and tyre simulation, and even more realistic 3D rendering, this will be the most true-to-life Gran Turismo yet. The game is yours to own from 6 December 2013, and you can pre-order now to get your hands on some exclusive in-game bonuses.

    Here are the links to the FaceBook post https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=746347915391206&set=a.170742032951800.50467.115605765132094&type=1&theater, and Twitter https://twitter.com/PlayStationEU.
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    Nice Find , WOw GT5 Is Just about finished up. Many Many Awesome Memories!
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    I have been fortunate enough to have so many great GT moments that picking one almost seems unfair. But we will try.

    GT began for me with GT4 on the PS2 and it was completely captivating to the point where it didn't matter that other games existed because they weren't GT. Racing split screen withy my young (then) son almost daily became not only routine, but something to look forward to after dinner. My son lost interest after a few months and I as well moved on to other things.

    Then came the PS3 and GT5 Prologue and it was not only 'on again', but became the gaming staple from that point onward. Safe to say that involvement in GT from Prologue onwards has had a huge impact on my life.

    Prologue led me to the PSN forums and the PSN GT community, where I was surrounded by those like myself, passionate about GT, the future of GT and driven to get as much out of the game as it would deliver. Within a few months of joining the community I had the incredible opportunity to become one of the founding members of what I consider the premier GT racing league, 5+ years on we are excitedly looking forward to GT6.

    As I was saying at the start, there are so many great GT moments picking just one almost seems a shame, some were on track, many were not.

    On track, winning our leagues 1st endure, a full Daytona 500 spread out over the course of a month. We had so many wanting to take part we started the event with 4 full divisions, and testament to our membership we ran 4 divisions all 4 weeks.

    What makes that victory special for me is, due to a mistake on my part in qualifying I had to start near the back of division 4, the only chance of winning came in the format, the top 2 places in division 2 3 and 4 move up a division for the next week, and the bottom 2 from divisions 1 through 3 moved down a division for the next week. A very clever solution to the problem of how to give everyone entering the event a realistic chance of winning.

    Due in no small part to the help of a great friend and GT/PSN N.A.legend we drafted our way to the front in week 1, and again in week 2. By week 3 I was completely immersed in this event and starting to feel competitive and very determined.

    Unfortunately during the course of the race I was separated from my draft partner, but luck was on my side and I finished in the top 2 for the 3rd week straight, ensuring me a start for the final race in division 1, although at or 2nd from the back of the pack.

    Adrenaline was flowing freely well before the actual race start, and the memory of that race for the most part is mostly all a 200MPH blur.

    I remember getting a good start and getting on to the back of the lead pack within a lap, the rest until the finish is a jumbled series of draft passes.

    The last 5 laps saw me jostling with a couple of other cars for the lead position, likely the most intense racing ive done online. When I crossed the line to win it was an incredible experience, the combined efforts of over a months worth of prep and practice, one of my best online moments.

    Which ironically was followed very soon after with the thought, "now what am I gonna do next saturday night?".

    As I said earlier in this GT auto-novelette our league has been around for over 5 years now, after that much time spent hanging out with so many amazing people there are stories abound. Members who have had unprecedented access to some of PD's inside operations, meetings with Kaz and crew on various occasions for example are proud highlights in our leagues history. Over time, much time, we think of many of our members as more like family, as friendship does not seem to do the bonds we have grown proper justice.

    Which leads me to the whole point of this exercise, the greatest GT moment.

    Early winter 2012 the ball started rolling with one of our founding members announcing he was making a vacation trip that summer from western Canada to Ontario, where I live, the next comment made was almost too predictable "we should have a league get together".

    And in the summer of 2012 we did exactly that.

    Held here at my home we made it a weekend event. Several of our members made very long trips and crossed international borders to attend. Honestly one of the best days I can remember.

    Many many GT stories and insightful discussions about the game past present and future, and a weekend spent with some awesome people and some great friends.

    Typically like any great day, it truly was over far too quickly.

    Sitting by the fire talking 'GT shop', among other things, for hours snacking on the awesome black forest cake my wife made, was an ironic highlight for a bunch of guys who are used to getting all pumped up for getting on track and racing together.

    In fact it was such an incredible experience we did it again in 2013, and again it was a blast. But look out 2014 because we are expecting the biggest attendance so far with members in some cases planning road trips well into the thousands of miles.

    I am already looking forward to it.

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    Started my GT career back in the Summer of 2000 with GT2 on the PS1 when I was about 9 or 10 years old.

    Got a PS2 and GT3 in '02. After asking my Mum and Dad to buy me one for a year, they finally gave in and bought them for me as a reward for walking 55 miles across the local terrain for a school trip.

    GT Concept 2002 was purchased shortly after as a getaway from the limitations of the amount of cars in GT3. I also bought GT1 around this time, just to see what it was like and also to add it to my ever-growing Gran Tursmo collection.

    GT4 Prologue was next and proved a great stop-gap in prepartion for GT4. Having Kazunori Yamauchi's signature on the box was also a great bonus!

    GT4 was purchased shortly after launch in '05. It gave me years of joy and still remains my most-played GT game I got to 85 per cent completion and then my save became corrupted. I started again after a few months of video game depression only to have the save corrupted again. Between the end of '06 and the Spring of '07, I rarely played a Gran Turismo game.

    GT: HD came next in April of '07 to coincide with the PS3's launch. It was a nice tie-over until March of '07 when I picked up GT5: Prologue. It was very much improved over GT4: Prologue and the online aspect was new for me. My previous online experience was very small.

    I first came across organised groups in January '08 playing Burnout Paradise. I made many friends online as we traversed the city and I'll always remember it as my first online community experience.

    I came across the TPRA at the PlayStation Forums around November '08. I had been a member of the PS Forums since '06 but rarely used it. The TPRA took me in as their second British member and I've been here ever since. My racing was sporadic because I could only compete in one event a week since I lived over the pond (GT5: Prologue had more limitations that GT5).

    And so GT5 cropped up in late 2010. I was in the USA on a 2-month vacation when my £150 Signature Edition of the game was delivered to my home a day earlier than release. That's all great, but I was 5,000 miles away and couldn't enjoy it! I finally returned from the States in early December and got my first taste of GT5.

    There's been ups and downs along the way but for the most part, this community has been exceptional in the way it brings people together. Staying up until 2-3am just to race and then going to bed at 4-5am after the race was over was a time I'll always cherish but will probably rarely do again. My life is so hectic now that I'll never race with the TPRA as much as I used to. However the TPRA is now a very big part of my life and I hope it will stay that way for many moons to come.

    GT6 promises even deeper immersion with the online portion of the game. Pre-race qualifying, a more detailed track creator and more host settings are just a few of the things this organisation can look forward to utilising. Roll on GT6!! :sBo_crazyjump:

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