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    Can you feel the nostalgia? Can you?​

    Three examples of racing beauty were scanned by the Polyphony Digital team in Turin, Italy this past week - the Alfa Romeo 155 Touring Car (of DTM and GT2 fame), the Lancia Delta HF Intergrale Rally Car (of WRC and GT2 fame) and the Ferrari P4/5 Competitizione (of FIA GT2 and GT4 future fame).

    Yes, you read that correctly, both in the title and in that bold opening paragraph. Those three cars were scanned by Polyphony Digital in a garage in Turin, Italy and posted in a Facebook gallery titled, "SCANSIONE PER GRAN TURISMO PS4″, which in English means, “Scanning for Gran Turismo PS4″.

    This adds further confusion to the "Will GT6 be on PS3 or PS4?" debacle. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s (SCEE) Senior Vice President Michael Denny said GT6 was coming to PS3 in 2013. The Senior Vice President of SCEE saying a flagship title like GT6 coming to a console made by the people he works for is pretty concrete information. Denny also mentioned Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag in that same conversation, that game has since been officially confirmed (due to the abundance of leaks) and we know that it's coming to PS3 and PS4 in late October. When Denny made those comments, Assassin's Creed IV was merely a rumour.

    Why would Polyphony Digital be scanning cars for a PS4 game when a reputable representative of Sony gave us the information on a 2013 PS3 release. TPRA News predicts a Holiday release for Gran Turismo 6 with an announcement at E3 2013 in June or just after. Gran Turismo on the PS4? Is GT7 not as far off as we think? Well at least these three cars would be Premium!

    So what does this all mean? Two versions? It'd be a first for a Gran Turismo game. One source saying PS3 and another saying PS4 sure does point to GT6 on PS3 and PS4. Or maybe the Italian source meant PS3 because Michael Denny is a much more credible source than an Italian Facebook gallery (no disrespect to Italians or Facebook).

    Either way, we do what we do best and wait patiently sucking on this news straw, trying to taste some more of that sweet nectar that is Gran Turismo news.

    Check out some more shots of the cars here!
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