A Final Enduro for GT5

Discussion in 'Polling Station' started by Oldtimer01, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. Oldtimer01

    Oldtimer01 TPRA Staff

    So with GT6 coming in less than 2 months I was wondering if there might be some interest in running one final endurance race in GT5. The race would be run like the last one in an open lobby for 6 hours in real time in practice mode. The dates I have available for hosting are either Nov. 16 or Nov. 23. The car and track combo will be open for discussion until the poll closes. Teams would consist of either 2 or 3 drivers with a maximum of 10 teams. Details on the last Enduro can be found here http://tunerspit.com/forum/showthread.php?2821-December-Enduro-Jaguar-XJ13-Spa&p=67677&viewfull=1#post67677

    Car and track suggestions are welcome and wanted and a final decision on them will be posted once the poll closes.

    EDIT: The amount of teams has been changed to allow up to 10 teams.
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  2. THE_KART96

    THE_KART96 TPRA Staff

    With this much heads up time, I should be able to do this. And the Jag at Spa will be fun.
  3. Oldtimer01

    Oldtimer01 TPRA Staff

    Wont be the Jag at Spa. That link is for information on how the race would be run. A real race post will be put up after the poll closes. The race would be RM Cappi @ Daytona Road.
  4. THE_KART96

    THE_KART96 TPRA Staff

    Even better.
  5. THE_KART96

    THE_KART96 TPRA Staff

    Even better.
  6. windfire1010

    windfire1010 TPRA Staff

    I would like to run this but the car track combo doesn't work for me. Could we run something with at little more go then the rm cappi.
  7. Oldtimer01

    Oldtimer01 TPRA Staff

    I don't want it to overpowered. Would like to keep it something simple in a non race car that has painting options. Trying to keep the field as close as possible together. I am open to suggestions though.
  8. Monster-Energy71

    Monster-Energy71 Licensed Racer

    Why don't you do one with all the American GT cars? Also we already did a enduro at DRC so something else would be appealing
  9. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    I agree with a different track. The RM Cappis are a TPRA classic so I see that being some nostalgic fun, but something other than DRC would be a nice change of scene.

    I'm free either day in the late afternoon my time after I get back from training, so whatever we go with I'll probably end up showing up to.
  10. Oldtimer01

    Oldtimer01 TPRA Staff

    Ok then we'll leave the car and track open to discussion until the poll ends. That gives us 10 days to come up with a car and track combo. Couple of things to keep in mind are keeping the car something that everyone has or can get and can be painted. Don't want it to overpowering but still fun to drive for everyone. Track needs to have some length to it but not so long that everyone gets separated and ends up running by themselves. Laguna Seca hasn't been done in an endure yet and most PD created tracks have never been done either. Lets hear what you all want and come up with something good. Also would like to open it up to a teams from the PSN forums if they have anyone who would like to get a team together or join one of the teams from here.

    First post has been edited and the car and track combo removed from it.
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  11. mobilmasher

    mobilmasher Licensed Racer

    A while back, Swerv sent out Amuse S2000 R1 Titans to everyone, set at 500 PP if I remember correctly, so everyone should have one. I painted mine, cloned it then parked it. It is a possible option for the vehicle to be used.
  12. DarkLegions

    DarkLegions Licensed Racer

    indy road course?
  13. DUNTOV3030

    DUNTOV3030 Licensed Racer

    I haven't been on track for a while...and due to my recent move...my racing rig is still in storage. I have been thinking of this same idea posed by oldtimer here though...one final GT5 Enduro. I would be inclined to pull my rig from storage and participate. I'm not a fan of the RM Cappo...but like mobil's recommendation of the Amuse S2000. I love Daytona Road...but would try to participate whatever the track is...as long as the car choice is appealing.
  14. MoparSRT

    MoparSRT TPRA Staff

    Im in love with the idea of one final enduro as well. im not a fan of the cappi, atleast not at daytona for its not a good combo. i like the S2000 idea and perhaps maybe Grand Valley Speedway or RTR Speedway could play host to our enduro. we've done Daytona road, indy road, spa and sledge hill so far. its would be nice to run at a different track for a change, just my 2 cents. GO PKR!!!!!
  15. Oldtimer01

    Oldtimer01 TPRA Staff

    No course creator tracks. Could be hard to get it out to everybody especially if psn forums run a team or two.
  16. choate51

    choate51 Licensed Racer

    How bout the suzuki at tsukuba or something like that. I'd like to see a smaller track with nimble cars. Laguna a pain to pass on with a huge penalty for going off course. How bout some sorta Mazda at Laguna? Just throwing it out there.
  17. Oldtimer01

    Oldtimer01 TPRA Staff

    Tsukuba's to short and to hard to keep from getting confused on lap counts. Something that has some length but isn't so long that everyone ends up running around for hours by themselves. A pain to pass isn't a bad thing and runoff penalties, well keep the car on track and that wont be a problem.
  18. DUNTOV3030

    DUNTOV3030 Licensed Racer

    I know Suzuka isn't a fav of yours OT...but I'd love a race there...
  19. Oldtimer01

    Oldtimer01 TPRA Staff

    I'm hosting not driving so makes no difference to me.
  20. choate51

    choate51 Licensed Racer

    I know suzuka lends itself to lots of running alone because of tire wear there. How bout Laguna, grand Valley east, twin ring east, or deep forest counter clockwise? If memory serves me right the tire wear is pretty good at each place and has a good passing zone. I think doing it on any of these would lend themselves to good racing with danger lurking anywhere. Plus a longer straight will help keep the pack together a little longer yet still allow separation. I just know at Laguna passing is really difficult and has a really long pit time.

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