A&D CHAMONIX Citroen Video teaser

Discussion in 'Media Center' started by oFANTOMASo, Jan 24, 2012.


    oFANTOMASo Licensed Racer

    Please enjoy and rate


  2. larrys4227

    larrys4227 Licensed Racer

    LOL .... Very nice! Really look forward to next monday night!

    oFANTOMASo Licensed Racer

    Thank you. Will be fun race mate.
  4. Blackyk

    Blackyk Licensed Racer

    This could only be out-done if you voice-over'ed yourself as the co-driver giving yourself directions as you go down the course lol. Great vid again man!

    oFANTOMASo Licensed Racer

    Thank you. Really I dont know what the navigator is saying. Just I place some rally audio on my video.
  6. larrys4227

    larrys4227 Licensed Racer

    I know it cant be used here, but in the Special Events section of GTLife, there is a Rally section. I love to drive in this as the passenger navigator calls out instructions to you. It is just really awesome, and although Fantomas's voice over is in another language, the excitement in his voice takes the entire video to another level. Very very cool!

    oFANTOMASo Licensed Racer

    Sorry. Late response. Thank you. Glad you like it :)

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